Digital change is on everyone's mind. However, research is currently mainly concerned with the area of ​​Industry 4.0. The topic of real estate and facility management or services is not really in focus. More than 14.5 million people are employed in real estate operations in Europe alone and are affected by the digital transformation of the industry. This is where the IFM comes in.

The research group focuses on the hot topics of the real estate and facility management industry and examines them back to their origins. Not only can methods and best practices be defined and tried out in practice, but future trends and developments can also be identified at an early stage.

What are the effects of digitization on the real estate industry?

  • The working environment and the associated services are changing to support digital change in the core business.
  • New technologies such as IoT, AI, ML enable disruptive process changes. Service on Demand enables the same or even better quality at the same costs.

Current research at the IFM is therefore concentrating on these two and many other areas.