Doctoral Degree Completion

Doctoral degree completion

The positive completion of the doctoral programme requires:

  1. the completion of 18 ECTS credits of courses related to the scientific specialisation
  2. the writing of a positively graded dissertation and
  3. the successful completion of the doctoral examination (Rigorosum).

The doctoral examination is open to the public, lasts one hour and consists of a presentation (max. 20 minutes) and a subsequent discussion of the results of the dissertation (defensio). At the end of the doctoral examination, the final grade is awarded by the Examination Board in a closed session.


8 weeks before the doctoral examination (Rigorosum)

Please coordinate the date and time of the doctoral examination with all members of the examination board.

When submitting the form Application for the Doctoral Examination.pdf, opens a file in a new window all required data (date, time, examination board, reviewers) must already be entered.

Please note the following:

  • The examination board consists of at least three to five habilitated persons.
  • The supervisor of the thesis must always be appointed as a member of the examination board.

  • If possible, the reviewers should also be members of the examination board. At least one reviewer from TU Wien and at least one reviewer from another faculty or university or from an external research institution must be appointed.

  • The chairperson must not be from the same research unit as the doctoral candidate (preferably not from the same institute).


  1. Application for the doctoral examination.pdf

  2. Detailed CV (personally signed)

  3. Copy of birth certificate or passport

  4. For graduates with previous studies abroad: Notification of recognition of previous studies and examination certificates for any required additional studies and examinations, or notification of admission to doctoral programmes.

  5. Restriction of use (Benützungsbeschränkung) including justification (if required, download in TISS incl. justification)

  6. Current Records of Studies (TISS Student Self Service)

  7. Copy of the first page (title page) of the dissertation

  8. Transcript of Records (TISS Student Self Service) oder Nachweis der Lehrveranstaltungen über mindestens 18 ECTS.pdf

  9. Leaflet for authors of university publications.pdf

  10. Positive statement of the supervisor (Template under Downloads)

  11. Two bound copies of the dissertation -> Deadline 1-2 weeks before your doctoral examination

  12. Announcement of a doctoral thesis.pdf  + Abstract -> This should be submitted to the Dean´s Office at the latest 6 months after haven started studying.

During the submission process, you can request an embargo period for your thesis for economic or legal reasons (§ 86 Universitätsgesetz 2002). This means that your thesis is made accessible at a later date.

Please download the form Benützungsbeschränkung in TISS. Mandatory fields are the duration (in years) and the reason of the restriction use.

  • Embargo period for 2 years - The approval is made by the Dean of Academic Affairs. Please send the form to Carina Grandits

  • Embargo period for 3 years - The approval is made by the Vice Rector Academic Affairs.Please send the form directly to Ao.Univ.Prof.DI Dr. Kurt Matyas

Once the embargo period is approved, neither the printed version nor the electronic version of the thesis can be read or used (including the abstract).

The dissertation should be in A4 format, printed on both sides and bound with a hard cover.

The title page must be followed by an abstract of the thesis (German + English) and the affidavit (see Guide for Thesis).

The two bound copies must be submitted to the Dean's Office 1-2 weeks before the doctoral examination. Please make an appointment with Carina Grandits.

A cumulative dissertation does not present the results of the scientific work in the form of a monograph, but in the form of a collection of publications. This special form must be approved by the Dean of Academic Affairs when the topic is submitted. The Richtlinie über die Verfassung von kumulativen Dissertationen.pdf, opens a file in a new window is binding.

As a rule, a cumulative dissertation must contain at least three published or accepted scientific articles in internationally recognised scientific journals or books with scientific editing that have undergone a peer-review procedure.

Guide for Thesis_deutsch.docx, opens a file in a new window

Guide for Thesis_englisch.docx, opens a file in a new window

Further tips and details can be found in the Script “How to write a scientific paper” by Prof.Dr. Paul Mayrhofer.

You will be contacted by Carina Grandits about 2 weeks after your doctoral examination to collect your final documents.


Once you have successfully completed your doctoral examination, you can register for the graduation ceremony.

Contact person

Carina Grandits

Administration, Dean's Office of Faculty for Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Phone: +43 1 58801 30012 Call Carina Grandits

Send email to Carina Grandits

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