Two robots are mounted to tables. The left robot is playing the hot-wire game, the right robot is holding a bowl and making a salad.

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Autonomous Systems

At the Autonomous Systems Lab we aim at innovative research on cognitive robot motor skill learning and control based on human motion understanding. The main focus of the research is two-fold: autonomous learning from observations in daily life and cognitive robot control. In order to realize an intuitive robot and to satisfy humans expectations for a robotic companion, we study about human beings and transfer the discovered mechanisms to robotic systems. In this way, the robot can learn new skills without engineers programming and learn complicate tasks incrementally in a generalized framework. Especially by bridging learning from observations, robot motor control, and learning from self practices, robots will be capable of performing complex tasks robustly under uncertainties.


A stack of newspapers on a table.

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A top view of the arms of six people stacking their hands one on another above a wooden table

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Exciting news from our lab! We are thrilled to announce that our latest research papers have been accepted. Stay tuned for more.

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Prof. Dongheui Lee will be a keynote speaker at the 32nd International Conference on Robotics in the Alpe-Adria-Danube Region (RAAD) 2023.

The words "Join our team" made out of colorful toy letter surrounded by large lollypops. The backroung is pink.
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The Autonomous Systems Lab at the Institute of Computer Technology at TU Wien is looking for talented PhD and Postdoctoral candidates in the field of…

The certificate of 1st place in the EGO4D Long Term Action Anticipation Challenge

We are really excited to announce that we have been selected as Winners of the EGO4D Long Term Action Anticipation Challenge proposed by FacebookAI!

A photo of Prof. Dongheui Lee.
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Univ. Prof. Dongheui Lee, PhD, was appointed university professor at the Autonomous Systems Lab at the Technical University of Vienna. She is in the…