Akademische Bläserphilharmonie Wien

Group photo of the Akademische Bläserphilharmonie Wien - taken outdoors

© Jonas Hoerbst

The Akademische Bläserphilharmonie Wien (ABW) has set itself the goal of performing high-quality, remarkable and demanding original compositions, of delighting audiences at extraordinary concert venues and thus enriching symphonic wind music in Austria. The ABW not only presents itself in renowned Viennese sound venues such as the Musikverein or the Vienna Konzerthaus, but also makes regular guest appearances in the provinces of Austria. 

techArt - Art and Science in Dialogue

Drawn laboratory with some equipment, table, hoses and cables

© Ivan Chemakin

techArt - Art and Science in Dialogue is a platform founded in 2019 which promotes dialogues between scientists, students and artists and thus addresses social and cultural aspects. Such dialogues can be in different format, e.g. in the form of an art exhibition, but also as lectures or panel discussions. It is important to keep the social component of the dialogue thus bringing students, scientists and artists together.

TUW Ball

Opening committee at the TUW Ball: ladies in long white dress, men in black suit with bow tie

© Matthias A. Muggli

Traditionally, the Vienna Hofburg is the venue for the TUW Ball. The ball audience is as diverse as the architecture of the location. National and international guests from science, business and politics dance alongside students and researchers. The ball's fine tradition proves that technology and pleasure are not contradictory. It had its beginnings in the "Technikerkränzchen", which were organised from the founding of the Polytechnic Institute (today's TU Wien) in 1815.

TU Wien Choir

TU Choir at a performance in the computer science lecture hall of the TU Wien

© TU Wien Chor

The TU Wien Choir was founded in 2012 and has already achieved considerable success at choir competitions as well as on television in the ORF casting show "Die Große Chance der Chöre". Most recently, a gold medal was sung at the World Choir Games 2018, the Olympic Games of Choirs, in South Africa. Repertoire are well-known pop songs and timeless ballads

TUW Orchestra

Group photo of the TU Orchestra in the stairwell

© Walter Kühnelt

Every semester, the TU Wien Orchestra performs symphony orchestra concerts, frames academic celebrations, opens the traditional TUW Ball and plays chamber music. Together with its ensembles it is often the highlight at congress openings and events of the university environment. In addition to several tours, the orchestra has also been invited to festivals such as the Salzkammergut Festwochen Gmunden. Furthermore, opera projects expand the repertoire. Culture around Karlsplatz

St. Charles Church - photographed by drone flight

© TU Wien | Matthias Heisler, networks the institutions from the fields of art, culture and education located on and around Karlsplatz in order to sustainably revitalise the "Karlsplatz Art Square" culturally.