Univ.-Ass. Lucas Barning, M.A.


Sociology of knowledge & technology, critical geography, planning theory, (energy) infrastructures

Lucas Barning studied Geography (2013-2017 B.A.) and Urban and Regional Development (2017-2019 M.A.) at the University of Bremen and the New School for Social Research, New York (2018). During this time, he worked as a student assistant in the fields of development and sociology of knowledge (Center for Marine Tropical Research - ZMT) and social policy in international relations (Institute for Intercultural and International Studies - InIIS), among others.

Since October 2019, he is a university assistant at the Sociology Research Department, Institute of Spatial Planning, at the TU Wien, conducting research on infrastructure, urban development policy, and planning practice. His dissertation project focuses on the governance of energy infrastructure at the example of the Indian National Smart Grid Mission (NSGM). Since February 2021 he also works in the Horizon 2020 project SHARED GREEN DEAL, opens an external URL in a new window – Social sciences & Humanities for Achieving a Responsible, Equitable and Desirable GREEN DEAL (2022-2027) in the experiment stream "Schools act for mobility futures".

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Winter 2021/22

  • Seminar 'Transformation processes and steering approaches in metropolitan regions' (280.844), together with Johannes Suitner, TU Wien.
  • Lecture 'Qualitative Methods in Spatial Research and Planning' (280.835), together with Simon Güntner and Korinna Lindinger, TU Wien.

Sommer 2021

  • Seminar ‘Technē/Techno – Sociological and Philosophical Perspectives on Technology and Society’ (280.742), TU Wien.
  • Lecture ‘Methods of Empirical Social Research’ (280.159), together with Julia Edthofer, TU Wien.
  • Seminar ‘Spatial Development Obligatory Modul 10: Project II Preparation’ (280.163), together with Gisa Ruland, TU Wien.

Winter 2020/21

  • Lecture ‘Planning Theory’ (280.097), together with Alexander Hamedinger, TU Wien.
  • Exercise ‘Methodology of Empirical Spacial research’ (280.100), TU Wien.

Sommer 2020

  • Seminar ‘Theories of Space’ (280.171), together with Alexander Hamedinger, TU Wien.
  • Seminar ‘Spatial Development Obligatory Modul 10: Project II Preparation’ (280.163), together with Gisa Ruland, TU Wien.


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