SLIMobility is a joint project of the Research Unit Law and the Research Unit Move at the Institute of Spatial Planning at TU Wien, Urban Innovation and the Mobility Association Austria. The aim of the study is a cross-disciplinary, systematized and structured analysis of the innovation barriers for new mobility services (NMDL), such as sharing, pooling and micro-public transport (“Mikro-ÖV”).

In addition, the integration of these new mobility services into existing organizational structures in the transport sector (in particular the ordering and financing of public transport) as well as in other sectors (housing and work) will be examined. A holistic approach is used to analyze the overarching issues of system integration as a barrier to innovation.

Based on the holistic view of NMDL and the analysis of the issue of system integration as a barrier to innovation, a compendium to be updated will be developed to provide a decision-making basis for the future management of NMDL. This should create space for the development of further NMDL, promote the broad establishment of existing NMDL on the market and ensure their establishment as a sensible and climate-effective addition to existing public transport services.

Funded as part of the FFG program "Mobilität der Zukunft" ("Mobility oft he Future") by the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK)

Duration: 10/2022 - 09/2023