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Welcome to the Research Unit of Law

As part of the Institute of Spatial Planning at the TU Wien, we see it as our primary goal to explore the central challenges of spatial, urban and transport system planning as well as housing construction. Our research and teaching take a legal perspective, while striving to reflect on the interdisciplinary character of the field.

We focus on a range of legal areas particularly relevant to spatial planning. In addition to spatial planning law proper, these include: building and plant law; environmental law (SEA and EIA law, nature conservation, forest and water law); infrastructure law (energy, transport, water and wastewater law); services of general interest and social infrastructure (especially social housing), as well as regarding legal issues of digitalization and the regulation of innovation.

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Head of the Research Unit

Photo of Prof. Dragana Damjanovic

Univ.Prof. Dr.iur.

Dragana Damjanovic

LL.M. (Berkeley)

Contact details

Karlsgasse 13, 1st Floor
1040 Vienna, Austria


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Architectures of Law

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The law and its buildings (work in progress)