Vienna: the ideal place to start your upcoming MBA Journey

We are proud to welcome you to Vienna, one of the most liveable cities in the world. Vienna is a modern, lively city in the heart of Europe. With a population of 2.8 million, the Vienna region is the economic, political and cultural center of Austria and the gateway to eastern and western Europe. The city is rich in history and culture, but also a European hub for business start-ups and the perfect breeding ground for innovation. It is the ideal business location for start-ups, founders and young companies and a unique location for economic and entrepreneurial success. In addition, with the United Nations, OSCE, OPEC and a large number of NGOs, Vienna is also one of the most important seats of international organizations in the world and a platform for international dialog.

TU Wien - Technology for People  

Since more than 200 years, research, teaching and learning has been carried out at the TU Wien under the motto "Technology for People". As Austria's largest research and educational institution in the field of natural and engineering sciences, it combines basic and applied research and research-led teaching at a high level. Our graduates and scientists contribute to the transfer of knowledge and technology to society and the economy through their knowledge and sustainable relationships. In this way, the members of the TU Wien ensure international competitiveness and stimulate the innovative power of Austria as a research location. As participants in our MBA program, you are part of the TU Wien community and benefit from our university's commitment to lifelong learning.

Academy for Continuing Education - your Partner in your Learning Journey

The TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education is TU Wien’s central institution for professional and postgraduate education and has long successfully offered programs in the field of management to prepare TU graduates as well as experts, managers and high potentials from all over the world for a successful career.

We believe it takes dynamic personalities with a profound business skill set, an understanding of new technologies, and an open and ambitious mind to move businesses and organizations ahead and to perform better in the current environment and in turbulent times. With our Management & Leadership portfolio, we provide academically sound knowledge and practical know-how for management and leadership, while at the same time giving you an understanding of the opportunities of new technologies and their impact on your business.

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