We strive to impart you exactly the kind of knowledge you need to be able to move closer to your career goals and help you to further develop your leadership personality. This is the reason why we aim to bridge the gap between scientific theories and real-world application. The learning environment we create promotes the transfer of evidence-based knowledge, interdisciplinary exchange of experiences, as well as, a better understanding of yourself. Additionally, the network you will be building as part of our MBA programs will help you overcome challenges you may encounter in the future. This unique combination will make your MBA a lasting experience that will have a continuous positive impact on your career.

Eight reasons why you should study an MBA at TU Wien:

Learn the most relevant and effective management & leadership skills


Especially for engineers or people with a technical background

Discover new career perspectives


Gain new perspectives and career prospects in six exciting future fields!

Prestigious degree


With a degree from one of the most prestigious technical universities in Europe, you will set the ideal conditions for the advancement of your career.

Latest, evidence-based knowledge


Learn from from a distinguished faculty with leaders from diverse fields of research, economics and industry.

Intensive exchange of experiences


Joint further development with other high-potentials and leaders from different disciplines, backgrounds, and industries.

Regular "aha-experiences"


In our expert talks and panel discussions with exciting guest speakers from different disciplines you will get new inputs and inspiration.

Long-standing experience of the TU Wien


Trust in the experience of over 20 years in postgraduate management education.

Optimal balance of career, education & family


We know the challenges of continuing your education alongside your job and family, and we provide professional support to help you overcome them.