We enable you to achieve exactly the developments that will allow you to realize your individual goals

An MBA program is a unique experience with a lasting effect. On your journey you will learn how to keep yourself and your organization on the road to success in an ever changing and complex world. In our Management & Technology Executive MBA program portfolio, you will gain the knowledge and skills that today’s and tomorrow’s leaders need. After your MBA Journey, you will be able to make the right decisions even in turbulent times and master any career advancement.

Knowledge & Skills for Managers

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You will acquire decisionmaking skills and the competency to discuss management and new technologies topics

  • You will gain an understanding of new technologies and be able to assess the opportunities and impact on your organization
  • You will receive first-hand knowledge and expertise from renowned lecturers from university lecturers and from practitioners
  • Expert talks and excursions to well-known companies will give you exciting insights into business and industry


Personal Growth - Sustainable Change through your Individual Experience

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In an open and trusting learning environment you will

  • leave your comfort zone, push beyond your limits and expand your horizon
  • recognize your personal strengths and growth potential
  • strengthen your self-confidence, self-awareness and self-perception
  • grow beyond yourself and develop your full potential as an executive


Exchange & Network - Learn from and with each other 

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On your MBA Journey and beyond you will

  • meet a wide variety of personalities from different industries and disciplines
  • enter into a close exchange of experience with others & reflect about yourself and your professional practice
  • be part of a dynamic community of people who actively shape the (business) world
  • become part of the international network of the TU Wien


(Business) Impact - Right Decisions Lead to the Desired Success

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Personal benefits of the MBA program

  • You will bring your know how and your skills to a new level 
  • You will gain new perspectives and development opportunities
  • You will open up new career paths and future-proof your career 
  • You will learn to make well-considered decisions - even under uncertainty - and thus ensure the success of your organization

Benefits for your employer or company

  • Leadership potential in your organization is encouraged
  • You secure the latest know-how and skills in your company
  • You expand your organization's network within and outside your industry
  • Real business cases can be used directly by participants in the MBA program
  • Within the framework of your Master's thesis, you can work on a self-chosen question of your organization / company with scientific methods and concepts and thus bring direct benefits.