What & How you will learn

From basic know-how to expertise

In the basic modules "Leadership & Organizational Behavior" and "Management & Technology Essentials" you will receive economic and technical management knowledge and raise your personal leadership skills to a new level.

In the specialization modules of the Master Class from the Strategic Management & Technology Executive MBA program, you expand your skills in strategy development and implementation. We provide you with a deep theoretical, but also practice-oriented understanding of the technological, budgetary and strategic competencies of your organization. As a manager, you can incorporate the findings into your strategic and operational decisions and effectively implement entrepreneurial initiatives with the help of new and existing technologies.

Develop your role of manager by mastering the three value chains 'EEE':

  • Execution:  Focus on important strategic issues
  • Engagement: motivating employees, using and promoting their potential
  • Enhancement: providing impetus for further development and influencing transformation processes (employee and organizational level)

Apply the core tasks of management to ensure financial performance and continuity of operational processes:

  • Corporate accounting, financial principles, financing and evaluation problems
  • Economic policy in macroeconomic contexts, central economic theories and concepts
  • Data Science and Technology Management, Big Data - applicability and assessment
  • Statistical Methods
  • Innovation management
  • Marketing analysis, strategic marketing plans and consumer behavior
  • Performance indicators and financial key metrics

  • Apply strategy development and strategic analysis tools
  • Align market positioning and core competencies (capabilities)
  • Implement measures for strategy implementation on key performance indicators
  • Develop your Corporation development through internal (ventures, intrapreneurship) or external initiatives (acquisitions)
  • Plan and implement initiatives at strategic and operational level


You will learn the essentials of successful negotiation:

  • develop an effective and appropriate mindset to conflict situations
  • Structure the negotiation process
  • apply concepts of strategy and tactics effectively
  • handle difficult situations with confidence
  • build solid business relationships and create future opportunities

In your Master's thesis you independently work on a problem statement related to your work environment using scientific methods.