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EMBA programs in Management & Technology

The ideal combination for shaping the future.

New technologies are opening up unprecedented opportunities for society. At the same time, the use of technical innovations poses special challenges for our executives today due to their fast pace and complexity. They therefore need special skills to operate successfully in the most exciting industries of the 21st century. This is where our MBA programs in Management & Technology come in.

Degree: Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Management & Technology

Duration: 3 semesters + master thesis

Format: Part-time, blocked in modules

Scope of ECTS: 90 ECTS

Language of instruction: Core Modules in German & English cohorts; MBA specializations in German or English

Admission: First academic degree; 3 years of professional experience; personal admission interview

Teaching locations: Vienna and surroundings; partly modules abroad

Discount for TU Wien graduates: 5 % on the course fee

The basic modules combine state-of-the-art management know-how with the latest understanding from science and practice of the latest technologies. Another focus is on the further development of your leadership skills through the teaching of special soft and leadership skills. In each of the MBA programs, our experts from research, business and industry provide you with the insights you need to be successful in the future field of your choice.

  • Teaching of management & leadership skills especially for people with a technical or scientific background
  • Development of new professional perspectives
  • Renowned degree from one of the most prestigious technical universities in Europe
  • New, evidence-based knowledge from an experienced faculty from research, business and industry
  • Intensive exchange of experience with other high potentials and executives
  • Regular aha-experiences through Expert Talks and Panel Discussions
  • TU Wien's many years of experience in postgraduate education
  • Optimal compatibility of career, continuing education & family

Executive MBA Programs in Management

EMBA | Strategic Management & Technology

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EMBA | General Management

General Management

EMBA | Digital Transformation & Change Management

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Executive MBA Programs in Technology

EMBA | Mobility Transformation (German-language)

Modern Tunnel

EMBA | Automotive Management (English-language)

A car in the production hall of a factory.

EMBA | Modern Workplace & Facility Management

Symbolic image Facility Management

EMBA | Operations Management

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EMBA | Space Architecture

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Dr. Eileen Langegger, Head of Transfer Warehouse at Nuclear Engineering Seibersdorf
The supervision provided by the ACE (Academy for Continuing Education) has a very close relationship with the students. The lecturers and the dean of the institute are excellent in imparting knowledge and show the scientific side of management education. This clearly distinguishes TU Wien from other universities.
Aleksandra Petkov-Georgieva, BSc, MBA, Alumna Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation
An MBA at TU Wien allows you to, to combine the best of both worlds: Science and practice. You can not only learn from first-class professors, but also from but also from international students from different industries. A great experience, that I would not want to miss!
Univ.Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Leitner, Austrian Institute of Technology
The development and efficient use of new technologies is a key driver of corporate competitiveness. The multiple options require a strategic approach that takes into account market, organizational and social factors. The exchange with other MBA students makes it possible to integrate different perspectives.
Prof. Dr. Martin Friesl , Lecturer "Strategic Analysis, Planning and Implementation"
We live in times that are difficult to predict. Many companies are now faced with the task of reorienting themselves in a highly volatile and competitive environment. Meeting this challenge is the focus of this MBA program.
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