Contract Services - Overview

Contract Services offer advice and support in drafting and negotiating R&D agreements and co-operation agreements with companies.

For this purpose, TU Wien provides its staff members with model contracts, which serve as a basis for drafting the contracts with companies for planned research projects. In the case of wordings that deviate from the model contracts – or if other contracts are to be used as the basis for drafting the contract – please contact Contract Services under

You can find below a brief overview of the specific possible applications for the model contracts. 

Dr. Eva Bartlmä

Bild  Dr. Eva Bartlmä - Fachgruppenleiterin  F&E-Verträge  und Beschaffung

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Mag. Marlene Berger

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R&D contracts and procurements

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Mag. Peter Karg

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Head of Service Unit  Research and Transfer Support
R&D Contracts

Telefon: +43 1 58801 41535
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Mag. Pascal Prabitz LLM

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R&D contracts and procurements

Telefon: +43 1 58801 415244 
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Mag. Anna Zahlner

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R&D contracts and procurements

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