Contract Research Agreement

The Contract Research Agreement is suitable for a bilateral research project with a client. If this sample text is used, the project falls into the category "B-Contract research and research collaboration" as defined in the "Richtlinie des Rektorats zum Kostenersatz bei Forschungsprojekten gemäß § 26 und § 27 UG". See here:


ATTENTION: This sample text provides for an exclusive granting of rights to the client and should under no circumstances be used for cooperation in a publicly funded project, in particular an FFG project - in these cases, please use the cooperation agreement sample.

Under Downloads you will find both a short sample contract (3 pages), which should be used for projects with smaller project budgets (approx. up to EUR 25,000), and a longer sample contract (6 pages), which is available for all projects with larger project budgets.
You will also find the German contract versions in short and long form under Downloads - Auftragsforschungsvertrag.