Within the department Real Estate and Facility Management (TU-GUT), we are responsible for all procurement and procurement-related topics. As contracting authority, we carry out tenders acc. Bundesvergabegesetz (BVergG 2018) and we also use modern "aids" such as the procurement platform of the ANKÖ, opens an external URL in a new window. Offers are obtained electronically - bidders electronically sign (citizen card, cell phone signature). The topic sheet spans from services such as cleaning, security services to transport to the classic construction and maintenance work that TU-GUT carries out itself.

Another important task is the procurement of energy, the observation of energy exchanges for price fixing (futures, annual contracts) and, of course, the efficient use of energy in the buildings of TU Wien.


The team is responsible for all procurement relevant topics within the GUT department. Tenders are issued via the electronic

procurement platform, opens an external URL in a new window

in line with BVergG 2018.

The announcement and submission of tender documents is made electronically; an electronic signature (citizen card, mobile phone signature) is required for tendering.
Tenders are issued for construction services, craftsman services and facilities. The prices for electric energy will be fixed in advance by monitoring of energy stock market. The efficient use of energy is for GUT of special importance.


  • public tenders in line with BVergG 2018
  • assistance with all procurement relevant topics
  • contact person for procurement via BBG
  • provision of energy and gathering information on energy efficiency
  • standardization of procurement processes (General terms and conditions)

The team is responsible for all insurance topics at the TU Wien. We obtain offers, select the best ones and advise our faculties and departments. 


  • Consulting on existing insurance contracts
  • Obtaining and evaluating offers
  • Liquidation of damage cases
  • Certificates of insurance (third-party liability) for projects


Insurance Contracts
The TU Wien has both a liability insurance and an All Risk (property insurance). In case of damage on mobile devices (official cell phones, laptops & tablets), please contact us directly.


Customised Consulting
We will gladly advise you on further topics like:

  • Event and fair insurance
  • Transport insurance
  • Drone insurances
  • Travel insurances


Damage Reports:
In case of damage we will take care of the procedure with the insurance company. Please send us the damage report form completely filled out. 
If a police report is available - send a copy of the report with the file number to .