General information

Roomtype: Event room

Address: Gußhausstraße 25 - 29, 1040 Wien, 6.OG

Roomcode: CD 06 03

Area: 176 m² (length: 16 m / width: 11 m / height: 3 m)

surrounding rooms: non available

Catering areas: available in the foyer infront of the room

Toilets: at the room entrance

Accesibility: Acces via the elevator

Keys: you get a keycard for the room from the porter at Gußhaus

Microphones: you get the microphones from our technicians

variable seating options ( a maximum of 90 people)

Cinema: 90 people

Classroom: 45 people

Banquet: 30 people

U-shape: 30 people

Reception with cocktail tables: 90 people

Rectangle: 40 people

Projector: mounted in the room

HDMI: available

VGA: available

Resolution: 1920 x 1200 pixel / Format: 16:10

Screen: Dimensions: 5 m  x 4,5 m / Crank: electric

Microphones: 4 Hand microphones, 2 Headsets

Frequencies : 6 frequencies

Lectern: available

Line In: 1 Line In (Cinch)

LectureTube: available upon request

Light: 3 preprogrammed scenes

Dimming: Blinds(electric)

Flooring: Parquet

AC: available

Ventilation: available

natural Light: very good

Furnishing: Tables, Chairs, Wardrobe, Cocktail tables

High voltage current: 16A is available in the room

Room catogerie: A

Photo Kontaktraum cinema seating
Photo Kontaktraum UShape
Photo Kontaktraum Kitchen
Photo Kontaktraum Worskhop groups with tables
Photo Kontaktraum Foyer
Kontaktraum CAD Layout cinema seating
Kontaktraum CAD Layout classroom
Kontaktraum CAD Layout U-Shape
Kontaktraum CAD Layout empty with dimensions