The tasks

of the team include not only customer service but also real estate management and TU GUT's internal quality and risk management.


Customer service is very important to us to offer you competent information, important details and quick help. In order to ensure a smooth functioning, all internal quality standards are specified and regularly checked. Furthermore, the analysis and evaluation of risk factors within the TU GUT as well as for the TU Wien are carried out.


  • processing of all requests from users
  • examination and classification of different service requests
  • sending announcements 
  • regulation of maintenance orders
  • definition of quality standards
  • assurance of quality requirements
  • issuing and monitoring of process operations
  • assessment and evaluation of all risk factors
  • issuing of quality management reports
  • requesting a parking space

The real estate management is responsible for the administration of all TU Wien objects concerning rent, operating costs, contracts/agreements between the TU Wien and the landlord as well as between users; the search, allocation and administration of space/rooms for all institutes and areas of the TU Wien.


  • rental agreements
  • rental accounting
  • rental regulations
  • user agreements  
  • accounting of operating costs
  • room allocation/room assignment