15th TU Forum: Technology that makes us healthy

Nothing is more important than our health! Modern technologies make a significant contribution to the fact that we are living longer and healthier today than any generation before us. Technology and medicine have long since become inseparable, and findings from scientific research are constantly being incorporated into diagnostics and new therapies.

Great progress is being made in this area at TU Wien - and we would like to present some of them to you on December 4 at the TU Forum "Medicine of the Future". 

Medicine of the future - Our health is in good shape!

The experts on the podium: Margit Gföhler, Eugenijus Kaniusas, Marko Mihovilovic, Jürgen Stampfl

14th TU Forum: Smart Energy

Austria's largest Plus-Energy Office High-Rise Building is located on the campus of TU Wien: Talk with Thomas Bednar (TU Wien), Stefan Müller (TU Wien), Thomas Steffl (ÖGUT) and Karin Stieldorf (TU Wien). Moderation Rainer Nowak (Die Presse), 25 September 

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14. TU Forum: Smart Energy