Science is exciting for everyone and is gaining more and more fans.

Research PR promotes the positioning of TU Wien as a research university in the public consciousness and communicates the importance, benefits and fascination of science to a broad section of the population. The goal is to regularly make the university's research findings accessible to a broad public in the best possible quality. To achieve this, a colourful mix of measures is necessary.

Communication tools

An important instrument is classical media relations (press releases and press talks), which serves digital and print media. Online PR includes up-to-date information and web news on the TU homepage, as well as support for social media. The research newsletter, opens an external URL in a new window offers subscribers a compact, monthly overview of research highlights as an instrument of internal communication. In addition, the team supports the Vice Rector for Research, Innovation, International Affairs in designing information and image materials for the TU Wien (e.g. research brochure, opens a file in a new window).

Projects and events, each geared to specific target groups, are another instrument of research PR. Events such as the TU Forum bridge the gap between scientific discussion and social relevance for a non-scientific audience. Meet the Media, as a contact opportunity between TU Wien scientists and the media, promotes mutual understanding of each other's everyday work.

Research PR also sees itself as a communication interface for the TU's research service institutions (e.g. Research and Transfer Support) in order to offer advice and support in the concept development and evaluation of communication measures.