Thank you for choosing TU Wien!

As Austria's largest research and educational institution in the field of natural science and technology, the TU Wien offers a motivating working environment in which individual development and development of different life plans are possible.

You have over 5000 colleagues working in research, teaching and support.

It is highly probable that you will not get to know all of our colleagues, but we would like to support you with our onboarding program to find your way around the TU Wien, opens an external URL in a new window and to feel comfortable. The TUW organizational chart, opens an external URL in a new window provides you with support in this regard.

Once a semester, we invite all new employees to a one-day welcome event (getTUgether). In addition, the wide range of seminars (registration in TISS/internal MA only, opens an external URL in a new window) should help to get an insight into the processes and services of the TU Wien and to get to know colleagues from other departments.

The personal arrival in the team will be arranged by your manager and your direct colleagues, who will certainly be happy to answer all your questions. If you don't know what to ask, be inspired by the documents for the appraisal interview.

Newly appointed professors can take advantage of the support services offered by our TU Wien Dual Career Advice, so that their partners and families also arrive well in Vienna and at the TU Wien. 

In addition to these offers, the TU Wien also offers a  large sports program, supports you in questions of compatibility and diversity management and is anxious to offer motivated employees appropriate perspectives.

We wish you a good start and will of course be happy to answer any personal questions you may have. Write us an e-mail, call us or come by, we are happy to be there for you!

Pilot Project Onboarding of New Employees at TU Wien

The following modules were developed and are available within the pilot project for testing by supervisors, colleagues and new employees.

  • An onboarding checklist is intended to help you, your supervisor and other persons who support you at the beginning of your employment relationship to work through all the necessary steps for a smooth arrival at the TU Wien in a structured manner (varies depending on the workplace).
  • Your supervisor can provide you with a buddy from your new team for the onboarding phase. This person will personally support you in arriving at the team and introduce you to the informal knowledge of the department. HR Development will provide you and your buddy with a list of potential topics to discuss with your buddy in weekly jour-fixes. On the first day of work, an individual buddy plan should be created for what topics you would like to discuss and work on and when. At the end of the onboarding phase, a final meeting should take place between you, your buddy and the direct supervisor(s).

In the knowledge platform we continuously collect all useful knowledge about the TU Wien. There you can look up terms from A-Z, the map of various facilities and much more.
We would be pleased if you, your supervisors and new colleagues would like to come back to these offers and invite you to give us feedback in this test phase, so that we can optimally onboard all new employees at the TU Wien at their new workplaces in the future.

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