TISS Training and Downloads

TISS Training

We offer trainings about 3 times per year for those who have not worked with TISS or for those who rarely work on cretain topics (eg course activation 1 - 2 times per year).

Dates will be announced

Registration and details in TISS, opens an external URL in a new windowEinführung in TISS-Lehre, opens an external URL in a new window.

The following topics are described in the TISS documentation:

  • Course Activation
  • Creation of Courses
  • Assignment of exam participants
  • Exam dates
  • Assessment of Students
  • Room Reservation
  • Sending out News 

For the following topics there are separate documents:

Further topics are in progress.

More detailed information (guidelines, specifications, deadlines, user information) can be found directly in TISS at https://tiss.tuwien.ac.at/hilfe, opens an external URL in a new window.

If subject areas are missing or if the documentation is not up to date, then either inform the TISS Service Hotline, the client team or give us feedback directly in TISS

TISS Downloads

During maintenance work on the TISS project database, several changes have been implemented to simplify works. This document, opens a file in a new window (German) is a brief summary of these changes. In terms of usability, the collection of research funding projects is now done in a few steps.