Overview of operation

Completion of test operation of highly available database

Fast Lane

  • LVA announcement - additional information
  • Enhancement of thesis interface for library
  • Display of Deans of Studies for curricula
  • Enhancement of LVA description (plagiarism guideline)
  • Improvement of UI lock for theses
  • TSC interface (LVA dates according to lecture theatre)
  • Adaptation of research matrix

Schedule coordinator improvements

Improved support for the schedule coordinator for managing schedule clashes, for reactivating LVA, implementation of LVA date coordinator (formerly 01.03.15/17, schedule management)


Best Teaching Award 2.0

People and LVAs are to be blacklisted from being eligible for awards. The presentation of nomination profiles for nominated persons and LVA is to be improved.



The Buildings and Technology Department (GUT) is to use the document management system (DMS) to begin with for the administration of internal documents, such as project documents for construction projects, rental invoices, etc. Alfresco Enterprise is used as the product. Document storage is standardised, which enables more efficient filing and searching.

Progress: Refinement of concept in cooperation with GUT

SÜLT direct import

Data is currently transferred via CSV files – the aim is to transfer the data directly into SAP.

Progress: transferred to separate task (32/18) due to complexity

Research portfolio

In 2015, the TISS research portfolio was implemented as a successor and extension of the TISS performance database. The implementation had to be done for various reasons, which in many places meant compromises regarding planned functionalities. The production system still contains a number of errors in various places or incomplete elements that need to be purged.

Progress: creation of new user interfaces, definition of parameter queries, definition of an authorisation workflow

NEW mailings

Revision of the system for mass mailings - includes modifications to list mails and aims to restrict unproductive e-mail dispatch. It should be possible to create lists of recipients automatically – less manual work

Progress: creation of new user interfaces, definition of parameter queries, definition of an authorisation workflow

Organisation NEW

As a result of changes to TU Wien's organisational structure, some modifications are required in the IT systems, and also in TISS in particular. Additional aim: improved presentation of the organisational structure to be standardised throughout TU Wien.

Progress: interface review and editing, system logic (including effects on teaching), coordination of third-party systems - TISS (upTUdate, TUphone, SAP, etc.), editing of address book, roles and rights, coordination with service units, modifications in the project database (e.g. granting of authority, SLP collector, etc.) and personnel cost allocation

Empowerment study data

Independent data maintenance by various specialist departments must be possible. Check interfaces, workshops and UI adaptations. This particularly concerns the creation of study indicators for co-worker studies

Progress: collection of data processing processes from the academic department in TISS, documentation for data exchange with the number of certificates, registered and the change of semester

Curricula – transitional provisions

Entry of transitional provisions has become critical as a result of the new implementation of the STEOPs. There is currently no user interface for this, thus making data entry difficult to understand, confusing and prone to error

Progress: concept development


Logical allocation of TUcard responsibilities. The first step is to allocate student cards to the academic department.

Progress: card printing in STAB incl. troubleshooting and optimisation, start of implementation of employee card, definition of electronic payment workflow (e-payment), replacement student card

Data protection compliance

The individual TISS modules must be checked for compliance with data protection laws and for the necessary preparations for the General Data Protection Regulation of 2018

Progress: start by checking TISS – data processing

PDB Plus - PDB development

Extension of PDB functionalities. Implementation of the requirements from the subject memory of the VR research test group

Progress: release for contract research projects only with cost calculation in combination with project controlling and FTS report period maintenance for EU and FFG projects, input screens for education and university management projects adapted to the amended requirements

Reference process

TISS is to electronically map and support the reference process. In coordination with the Department of University Development, Quality Management and the Dean's Office for Architecture and Spatial Planning, three features have been identified as being necessary for implementation in TISS: (1) Online application, (2) Online assessment, (3) Reporting on progress of the reference process.

Progress: detailed gathering of requirements for the online application, development of software concept


Improvements and additional features to better support the Dean's Offices' workflow

Progress: two-page examination records, improved usability in certificate assignment, additional attachment for e-mail notifications, processing of students' first names, display of study focus on the certificate, marking of LVA certificates already used in other degrees

Plagiarism software

Connection of external plagiarism software (turnitin) to TISS for automated analysis of thesis.

Progress: requirements collection and process definition

Refactoring LVA administration

Revision of the code in LVA administration to increase performance and maintainability. Bug fixes and new functions are currently unnecessarily difficult to implement.

Progress: analysis and design, separation of data structures, transfer of logic from the front-end to the back-end, improvement of UI initialisation


Implementation of a central e-payment service at TU Wien. (Debit card, EPS, credit cards, Maestro) with SIX payment service provider. Payment of student fees is the first step.

Progress: preparation for the integration of online payment of tuition fees taking account of issues relating to security, technology and data protection