• Locking system
  • Security fixes and secure coding training - SBA research relocation
  • Identity theft
  • Upgrade CentOS
  • Red Hat OpenShift - new operational architecture
  • TUWEL modifications
  • Integration of institute libraries
  • Amendment of study fees calculation
  • Adjustments to the research group selection for project creation
  • GUT room data import

Fast Lane

  • Oracle upgrade - New DBA!
  • bPk - required by ZID in the area of mobile signature
  • Adaptation of the display of absences in the address book
  • Study fees rules permits continual exchange from OID to TISS ID
  • Lecturers' increase after 8 years

User experience TISS teaching

TU app: ongoing interface modifications for external company developing TU APP

Progress: ongoing support until completion

Time slot for first-years: time slots for registration should be made available to reduce waiting times and periods of high demand.

Progress: requirements analysis and planning implementation

Best Teacher Award 

Basic package: base system for nominations for the Best Teaching Awards is to be incorporated in TISS.

Progress: ongoing support

Document management system (DMS) 

Market testing for the future implementation of a document management system (DMS).

Research portfolio (FPF)

Facelift: Preparation of implementation planning

FPF version 2.0: implementation of functionalities defined in the specification, are nevertheless still outstanding and essential

User experience TISS research

Semantic search: enabling a semantic search

Responsive design: comprehensive responsive design

Research marketplace (former research portal): development of a research platform including the "intention of submission" portal

Information management

Gender-neutral or gender-appropriate wording: information and screens provided within TISS in a form that is gender-compliant. Agreement with the relevant specialist departments regarding definition and list of terms.

Progress: partially implemented

Address book

Optional hiding of official titles

Progress: partially implemented

NEW project database

PDB Light: implementation of new PDB in November 2016. Implementation of open tasks, test and go-live for PDB Light, e.g. Insight connection

Progress: implemented

Organisation NEW

SAP-TISS interfaces: internal and external interface check; data maintenance, system logic, coordination of SAP-TISS (personnel data, organisational units, etc.)

Progress: coordination of framework conditions

Mobility Services

Erasmus & other mobility programmes: adaptation due to changing general conditions, follow-up of the implementation of TU Wien internalisation strategy. Detailed data collected by the client team

Progress: implemented


Study data: data maintenance by specialist departments, if/where possible


STEOP, embed examination chains in STEOP, and embed payment conditions as a prerequisite for studying in the curriculum.

Infrastructure management

Validity of access cards: limit validity and access rights to areas, optimise for time limits and in the workflow for disabling cards. Progress: work in progress

Door and area management views: provide views and exports to improve access rights management; optimise access rights viewing; improve handling of alarms. Progress: work in progress

Essential adjustments: modifications to new programme and device versions. Progress: being implemented

TUWIS replacement

Impex new: adjustments for new SAP SST. Progress: implemented

SÜLT: lists of teaching staff and tutors to be included. Progress: implemented

Integration in TISS. Progress: implemented

PubDB: remove OID number. Progress: implemented

Batch jobs: check batch jobs for TUWIS accesses. Progress: implemented

Student registration number NEW

TISS analysis: analysis of all TISS applications regarding 7-digit student registration number. Progress: continuing

Modification of interfaces: modification of external interfaces. Progress: in progress

Degree programme

Exam registration for students: map production system database to the DWH for data analysis. detailed requirements analysis completed. Progress: test phase

Dean's Office members examination report: checking, correction and addition of data provided by students. detailed requirements analysis completed. Progress: test phase

Automatic assignment of the LVA: automatic assignment of the LVA from students to curriculum items. detailed requirements analysis completed. Progress: test phase

Documents and statistics: creation, printing and archiving of documents for students, administration and processing of commissions and graduations. detailed requirements analysis completed. Progress: work in progress

Examination administration: administration of registration periods, examination dates, interview dates. detailed requirements analysis completed. Progress: test phase

Interfaces and dependencies: detailed requirements analysis completed. Progress: ongoing support

STAB++: further requirements analysis for additional offers supporting implementation. Prioritisation after base implementation. Progress: detailed analysis

PDB Plus - PDB development

Internal research funding: illustration of internal funding programmes

Screens / usability: improved use as a result of greater clarity, more search and filter options, e-mail dispatch in German and English, expansion of functionalities. Progress: prioritised improvements have been implemented

Controlling: enhance functionality for the Finance department, which is currently still shown in the PDB. Progress: prioritised improvements have been implemented

Research support: enhance functionality for research support, which is currently still shown in the PDB. Progress: prioritised improvements have been implemented