In March 2016, a standardized CSD management process was implemented for the planning and management of the TISS requirements, which aims to bring the many requirements and wishes regarding TISS into line with the budget and strategy of TU Wien. The process regulates on the one hand the safeguarding of the company and on the other hand a further development of TISS.

The requirement management process defined by the Rectorate includes a requirement survey by the CSD Client Management as the foundation for the implementation. The aim of these survey is to structure the introduced topics so that they can be bundled efficiently and the temporal implementation of the requirements can be decided by the CSD Steering Group.

The Steering Group represents the Rectorate as client and decision maker. Within the steering group, the CSD tasks are prioritized on a quarterly basis, thereby determining the work program of the CSD developers.
This means that all requirements for TISS are discussed in the steering group and can only be implemented after appropriate prioritization. However, requirements that are not prioritized in the sessions do not fall out of the system, but are taken into every subsequent session.

A complete list of all previously registered CSD tasks can be found here