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Efficiency optimization of Pelton turbines

Together with GUGLER Water Turbines GmbH, the impeller and housing geometry of one- to three-jet horizontal Pelton turbines was optimized and measured.

Group picture company Firma Gugler and TU Wien


GUGLER Water Turbines GmbH, opens an external URL in a new window is an internationally active company that manufactures all types of water turbines (Kaplan, Francis and Pelton turbines) and implements them in existing or new plants around the world. The company's main services are turnkey plants and include all the electromechanical equipment of a hydropower plant up to 40 MW capacity.

The international hydropower market is highly competitive. To be successful, optimal turbine efficiencies must be offered. In order to achieve these reliably, technological validation by means of tests is indispensable. In the laboratory of the Institute of Energy Technology and Thermodynamics, it was possible to investigate the casing flow on the transparent casing and improve it by means of specific modifications. In addition, it was possible to reduce the size of the housing without sacrificing functionality, which reduces the costs of the machines as well as the surrounding structures. Together with the experimental infrastructure at the institute, the excellent expertise of the company GUGLER Water Turbines GmbH and the dedicated institute staff, the project was successfully carried out.