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Welcome to the Research Group "Mass Spectrometric Bio and Polymer Analysis" at the Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics.

Obtain information regarding our research and see how innovative we are.

Main Research

  • Mass spectrometric techniques 
  • Electrophoretic techniques
  • “Soft” desorption/ionization (laser- and spray-based) techniques as well as tandem and multistage mass spectrometry
  • Molecular distributions for surface analysis in in depth profiling (elemental and molecular imaging)
  • Structural characterization of drugs, proteins, synthetic polymers and carbohydrates
  • OMICS techniques (proteomics, metabolomics, glycomics, lipidomics)
  • Development of sizing-techniques for bio-aerosols and nanoparticles
  • Capillary gel electrophoresis-on-the-chip assay development for biopolymers

Research on Request

  • Characterzation of surfaces and interfaces (elemental and molecular species)
  • Structural analysis by mass spectrometry
  • Proteinchemical and biotechnological analysis
  • Nanoparticle characterization
  • Development of analytical methods for trace analysis