Thermal Process Engineering and Simulation

Thermal Process Engineering and Simulation covers a broad range of processes and technologies in the area of chemical, biochemical, and environmental engineering. The key issues are thermal separation processes, such as rectification, absorption, and - in particular - membrane processes. The applications include the separation/purification of gaseous and liquid products from fermentations (biogas, biohydrogen, bioethanol, ABE), (waste) water treatment, biorefinery as well as industrial production processes. Our work is supported by process simulation, computational fluid dynamics, and multivariate data analysis. The goal is to optimise existing processes and to develop new and better processes.

Core Competences
  • Thermal process engineering (membrane processes, rectification, absorption)
  • Chemical, biotechnological and environmental applications of thermal separation processes (downstream processing)
  • Process simulation and process integration (mass, energy and exergy balances of complex systems)
  • Computational fluid dynamics (process engineering, energy technology)
  • Flow measurement (unit operations, multi-phase flow phenomena)
  • Flow and system behaviour of high temperature industrial processes
  • Energy optimisation of processes applying pinch technology and heat integration
  • Multivariate data analysis, chemometrics

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