The research area thermal process engineering and simulation has a wide variety of equipment, which is available for research activities. The equipment ranges from analytical devices, such as GC-MS to larger bioreactors. 


In the following section the available infrastructure is listed. It is either directly available in the research group or accessible through cooperations.

  • High temperature, DSC Netzsch STA449c up to 1600 °C, for special gases with water vapor generator

  • Low temperature, DSC Netzsch STA449 F3 Jupiter up to 1000 °C, with liquid nitrogen cooling and autosampling

  • Membrane hollow fiber spinning plant

  • Gaspermeation test bank (up to 10 bar, for non-toxic & non-corrosive gases) 

  • Ultrafiltration test bank (up to 5 bar for aqueous solutions) 

  • RO/NF (reverse osmosis/nanofiltration)-lab application from OSMO (up to 60bar, up to 60°C, for for membrane plates approximately 40x200mm) 

  • Gas mixing station - high pressure (up to 100bar, for non-corrosive gases) 

  • Haug Biogas-compressor (10-20m³ per hour, up to 16 bar, two-stages) 

  • Adsorption test stand PSA with 4 adsorbers (up to 60bar, 1L/adsorber, cycle operation with PLC) 

  • Fisher Technology Labodest VLLE 602 – determination of liquid-vapor and liquid-liquid-vapor-equilibrium (0-4000 mbar, max. 150°C, ultra sound generator) 

  • Extraction facility DIGMAZ – Biomass extraction with water or aqueous solutions including solvent recovery with thin film evaporator (10 L biomass, 30 bar, 250°C) 

  • Parr reactor 1 L (100 bar, 300 °C) 

  • Zirbus high pressure autoclave HDA 9/16 (60 bar, 250°C, stirrer) 

  • Parr reactor 4 L (bis 300°C, 200bar) 

  • Laser-Doppler velocimetry (LDV) 

  • Particle Image velocimetry (PIV) 

  • Infratec high temperature infrared camera

  • Makro-viskosimeter and particel-shear-analyzer

  • Aspen One Engineering Suite – Flowsheeting simulation  

  • PSE gPROMS Model Builder + Process Builder  - Flowsheeting Simulation and modeling

  • Shimadzu Headspace GC - GC-2010plus + AOC-5000 autosampler  

  • Shimadzu TOC-VCSH with ASI-V Autosampler and TNM-1 to determine total bound nitrogen

  • Thermo Scientific DIONEX ICS-5000+ DC/DP mit ICS-1100 for sugar analytics

  • Thermo Scientific DIONEX ICS-5000+ DC/DP Ion chromatography with Dionex AS-DV autosampler  

  • Electron microscope SEM/EDX (Coxem E-30Plus)