Group photo of the high performance composites team

High Performance Composites

The project team "High-Performance Composites" (Edtmaier Lab) is mainly concerned with the production, characterisation and optimisation of metallic composite materials (so-called MMCs). These include materials for aerospace applications, such as particle- and fibre-reinforced materials, in which different properties, such as mechanical, thermal or magnetic properties, or even wear properties, can be improved through the use of different reinforcement phases.
These materials can be used, for example, for applications where high and highest thermal conductivities and at the same time adapted coefficients of expansion are required, or generally for high-temperature applications, as well as for improved wear properties.
In this context, high-temperature alloys such as Co- and Ni-based superalloys, high entropy alloys and solder alloys for space optics are also investigated and developed. A recent thematic focus is the development of titanium alloys and titanium MMCs for space and aerospace applications, with an emphasis on the use of wire-based additive manufacturing (WAAM).
Other important research topics concern recycling of metallic composites.
In general, we cover the entire manufacturing process of such materials, i.e. from melting metallurgy, powder metallurgy (here from the production of suitable powders to consolidation), to deformation and in-depth characterisation.