The thematic focus of the research group includes topics such as processing and development of dense and porous ceramic materials, metallic composites such as fibre- and particle-reinforced composites, high-temperature materials, superalloys, high-entropy alloys, refractory metal materials, hard metals, phase constitution, CALPHAD, CVD coatings, corrosion, diamond and diamond deposition, archaeometallurgy, metallography, wet chemical powder production, recycling of metallic valuables and few more.

The research group "Inorganic Materials" consists of different project teams:

  • For the topics archeometallurgy, CVD, diamond, metallography, corrosion etc. please contact Ao.Prof. Dr. Roland HAUBNER (Email:, Tel. +43 1 58801 - 16128)
  • On the subject of corrosion, please contact Ao.Prof. Dr. Paul LINHARDT (Email:, Tel. +43 1 58801 - 43090).