Diamond Composites

Neutron diffraction of Diamond Composites at the FRM II Munich
  • Al-, Ag-, Cu-Diamond MMCs for thermal management applications
  • Interface Engineering in Diamond MMCs
  • Thermophysical properties between 4K and room temperature

Fibre Composites

Carbon fiber nickel composite for rocket nozzles
  • Carbon Nanotube MMCs as heat sink materials
  • Carbon-fiber MMCs fo space applications

Other particle reinforced composites

Microstruktur of a titanium boroncarbide particle reinforced composite
  • Ti MMCs
  • Tungsten heavy alloys (WHA)
  • W/Cu - functional graded layers
  • Graphite-flake MMCs for heat sink applications
  • Cemented carbides with HEA binder and gamma/gamma prime superalloy binder
  • Wear materials (FTC Fused tungstencarbide W2C)
  • ODS Materials


High Entropy Alloys

Microstructure of the High Entropy Alloy CoNiFeCrCu
  • "Cantor" alloy
  • Multielement alloys

Titanium Alloys

Microstructure of a titanium copper alloy
  • Titanium alloys for aerospace applications
  • Titanium-copper alloys
  • Ternary and multicomponent titanium alloy


Microstructure of two different cobalt base superalloys: influence of different carbon contents
  •  Cobalt-based superalloys
  •  Nickel-based superalloys

Precious Metals Alloys

  • Platinum, Rhodium, Iridium Alloys
  • Dispersion strengthened Platinum and Platinum Alloys
  • Dispersion strengthened Silver and Silver Alloys
  • Gold and Gold Alloys
  • Silver and Silver Alloys

Solder Alloys for Space Optics

Solder Alloys for Space Optics
  • Low-melting solder alloys based on tin or indium for space optics


Recycyling of Metallic Valuables

Cutting insert after the zinc-reclaim process
  • Preparation of tungsten-containing materials
  • Hard metals
  • Magnesium dross


Nanobelts, Nanowires, Nanoribbons

Nanostructures on Si-Wafer
  • Mo-Oxides
  • W-Oxides
  • Sn-, Zn-, Cu-Oxides on Si-Wafers