Statutory reasons for an Academic Leave:

  1. Completion of military service, training or civilian service.
    Proof: Confirmation from the military command or the civilian service agency.
  2. Completion of a voluntary social year
    Proof: Confirmation of the respective organisation of the voluntary social year (list of recognised organisations: see sidebar Downloads)
  3. Pregnancy
    Proof: confirmation from a medical specialist
  4. Childcare duties or other similar care duties (e.g. relatives in need of care)
    Proof: Birth certificate of the child, own and the child's registration certificate; notification of the care level or confirmation by the specialist of the need for care including its duration, own registration certificate and registration certificate of the relative to be cared for, proof of the degree of relationship.
  5. Illness that demonstrably hinders progress in studies (this is the case if the illness hinders studies for more than two months)
    Proof: Confirmation from a medical specialist
  6. Temporary impairment in connection with a disability
    Proof: Confirmation from a medical specialist

Reason for an Academic Leave according to the statutes of TU Wien:

Other reason impeding studies
Proof: statement of the reason and corresponding proof

The application , opens a file in a new windowmust be submitted

  • by 30.9. for the winter semester
  • by 28.2. for the summer semester

for the summer semester for which the Academic Leave is to apply, completed in full (with signature), together with the required proof and a copy of the student ID, by via Jira, opens an external URL in a new window to the Admissions Office.


The Academic Leave is only possible if no exams have been taken and no academic papers have been submitted in the semester for which the Academic Leave is requested!

You do NOT have to pay tuition fees during an Academic Leave. The ÖH-fee IS TO BE PAID. Otherwise, the Academic Leave is not valid and your admission expires. 

  • Admission to the degree programme remains valid for the semester of the Academic Leave.
  • Participation in courses, taking examinations and submitting academic papers is not possible.
  • No semester ticket of the Wiener Linien.
  • No family allowance and no study allowance.
  • Co-insurance with relatives or student self-insurance is not possible.
  • An Academic Leave does not stop a possible automatic subordination to a new curriculum.
  • The Academic Leave is granted for the person, not for a study programme, i.e. all studies pursued at TU Wien are affected by the Academic Leave.
  • The Academic Leave is only valid at TU Wien. If you are still studying at other Austrian universities, a separate application for an Academic Leave must be submitted there.
  • The semester of the Academic Leave is not included in the duration of studies. The semester count of the standard period of study is therefore suspended by the Academic Leave.
  • Visa/residence title: not every reason for an Academic Leave from the university is accepted by MA 35! An Academic Leave can lead to the loss of the residence title. Therefore, always check with MA 35 beforehand!


Since an Academic Leave has an effect on the future, approval cannot be granted retroactively. Rather, it can only apply to semesters that begin after the approval.