Staff mobility programmes

Erasmus+ staff mobility: Staff Training (STT)

"Staff Training" supports the training of TUW staff in the industry, educational institutions and universities.

At TU Wien, this EU-funded programme is coordinated by the International Office.

Contact in the International Office:
Mag. Andreas Zemann, Tel. 01 58801 41552,

General information:

Objective: Training of university staff (academic and administrative) in enterprises, educational institutions and universities. The stay at the host institution can take a variety of forms: short periods of work, job shadowing, study visits, workshops, organised staff training week, etc. Participation in conferences cannot be funded.

Requirements: If the host institution is a university, it must have an Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education (ECHE).

Programme countries:  The 27 EU Member States, UK (till academic year SJ 2022/23), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, FYR Macedonia, Turkey.

Duration of stay: a minimum of 2 days up to a maximum of 2 months.

The stay is financed by TUW from the funds of the Erasmus+ Programme. Travel and hotel expenses are reimbursed based on receipts and daily flat rates. Travel to and from the airport with public transport (taxis in justified exceptional cases only) counts as part of the journey. Please pay attention to economy costs!

Staff Training Week - recent offers:

  • see the websites of universities in programme countries
  • Portal iMOTION -  more >>

Organisation and implementation:

Before the training:

  • Contact the International Office (Zemann) and enquire about the availability of Erasmus funding.
  • Discuss the content and time of the training with your Head of Department/Chief.
  • Fill in the “Mobility Agreement – Training” form, let it sign by your Head of Department/Chief in the section “Sending Institution/Responsible Person”, forward the form for signature to the host institution (training provider) and then send the completed and signed Mobility Agreement to the International Office (Zemann). Note: No originals are required!
  • Apply for a business trip in SAP-Services and quote internal order  number (Innenauftrag)EUM063010004. In the field “Purpose of the trip”, please indicate “Erasmus+ Training”.

After the training:

  • After the end of your stay, ask the host university to confirm your training (form or certificate of attendance) and submit the form to the International Office (Zemann).
  • Submit your travel accounting in SAP-Services and send the original supporting documents to the International Office (E063-01).
  • After the settlement, you will receive an e-mail containing a link to a report, which you must complete online.