Payment of the ÖH fee and tuition fee

Admission to a degree programme or continuation of a degree programme will only be granted if you pay the full amount of the fee prescribed for you in TISS on time! Partial payment is not possible.

The ÖH fee and tuition fee must be paid within the admission period for the first-time admission to a degree programme and within the continuation period to continue a degree programme. Otherwise, the admission to the degree programme will not take effect and the admission expires.

NOTE: Payments made after the deadlines will not be considered!

You can find the individual tuition fee advance payment online. There you will also find all the information and data you need to make a transfer.

Data for the payment of the tuition fee:

Be sure to enter the 12-digit customer number! (NOTE: new every semester!).
Recipient: TU Wien
IBAN: AT18 3200 0411 0041 1116 (The IBAN is written in blocks of 4 when used in paper format, without spaces between the characters when used in electronic banking).
BIC: (also S.W.I.F.T. code) is: RLNWATWW.

EU standard transfer:

If the criteria listed below are met (EU standard transfer), the same charges are levied for transfers to accounts within the EU as for domestic transfers:

  • Transfer currency: Euro
  • Transfer amount max. Euro 12,500 (in individual cases)
  • Indication of the correct BIC (Bank Identifier Code) of the beneficiary bank and the correct IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of the beneficiary by the ordering party (the account number of the beneficiary by the ordering party (the account number of the beneficiary and the bank code or bank name are sufficient).
  • Charging of expenses: The originator and the beneficiary each bear their own domestic charges for the transfer. Other fee options cannot be set for these payments.

Foreign bank transfer

For transfers from abroad, please note that charges (may) be incurred and that you are responsible for these.


If you have any questions, please contact the Admission Office.