Step 1: Application

In case of a degree from a foreign post-secondary educational institution (university, university of applied sciences, etc.), a written application for admission, opens a file in a new window must always be submitted with post mail. The prerequisite for admission to a Master's programme with international previous education is the existence of an equivalent Bachelor's or Diploma programme. The completed education will therefore be checked by the responsible Dean of Studies for its equivalence with the corresponding education at TU Wien before admission.

After completing an at least three years degree programme (180 ECTS), you can apply for admission to a Master's Programme. The admission is only possible if you have completed a programme in the same field or a closely related scientific discipline. 


Whether or not your degree is equivalent or closely related can only be evaluated after your application.

You are required to send in the application for admission by post mail (no email, no fax) and have to submit the following documents:

  • duly signed application form
  • supply a valid email-address
  • document of completion of Bachelor/diploma degree (original or officially legalised copy with official translation)
  • diploma supplement, transcript of records, index with ECTS and contact hours (original or officially legalised copy with official translation)
  • proof of Proficiency of GermanCompetence in German Level A2 and/or Level C1 (original or officially legalised copy) except English language master programmes
  • proof of Proficiency of English: Competence in English Level B2 (original or officially legalised copy) for the English language master programmes
  • passport copy
  • Master's Programme Architecture: additional a Portfolio (documentation of the last three Projects in an A4 Format). This Portfolio has to contain 3-5 pages per Project. Please note: Portfolios in other formats than A4 won't be returned by post mail.
  • Master's Programmes Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering - Management: additional an official description of the attended courses (Syllabus) and an explanation of the grading system.
  • Master's Programme Biomedical Engineering: additional, indication of the desired focus within the Master's programme Biomedical Engineering (defined in curriculum).


Documents issued in countries other than Austria are subject to notarisation regulations. All documents whose originals were not drafted in German or English shall be officially translated. Please have documents translated only after notarisation. The official translation must be inseparably attached to the original document!

EU/EEA citizens

In order to obtain admission for the semester applied for, it is recommended to submit the application with all necessary documents as soon as possible. For applications that have not been received in the Admissions Office with all the necessary documents by the end of July (winter semester) or end of January (summer semester), or if documents are missing, admission for the semester you applied for can no longer be guaranteed. In this case, the application will be valid for admission for the following semester.

Send in your documents in a timely manner, allowing for up to 10-12 weeks processing time! Please note, that the Admission Office is not able to provide you with information about the current status of your application until the full processing time has expired!

Third-country nationals

You are subject to the special admission deadline. Your applications must be submitted in full

  • for the winter semester by 15 July
  • for the summer semester by 15 January

If missing documents or certifications are only submitted after this period, the application can only be evaluated for the following semester.

Therefore, please send the documents in a timely manner! Processing can take 10-12 weeks, as the applications have to be sent to the responsible Dean of Studies of the TU Wien for the examination of equivalence with a Bachelor's degree programme in the subject in question.


Please understand that before this processing time has expired, the Admission Office cannot provide any information (neither by phone nor by email) about the processing status of your application.