How to continue studying at TU Wien?

In order to continue your studies, you have to pay the tuition fee/students' union fee within the admission deadlines of each semester. You find your tuition fee status in TISS.

Please note: If you forget the payment, you will lose the admission at TU Wien! As a consequence, it is not possible to attend courses, pass examinations etc.

If you are admitted to degree programmes at more than one university, you have to inform each university of the continuation of your studies. This is done automatically only at the university where you pay the fee. Regardless of how many universities in Austria you are admitted to, you have to pay the tuition fee/students' union fee only once every semester.

If you have paid the ÖH/tuition fee at another university and would also like to continue your studies at TU Wien, you have to  do the re-enrolment by yourself during the admission period in the TISS "Student Self Service" (section "Lehre") by clicking at the green button or you inform us of your payment at the other university by providing your student ID number via the Jira. 

Once the re-enrolment has been successful, you can print your student documents of the respective semester (student record sheet, confirmation of enrolment).

To continue a university course or the pre-study course you have to pay the course fee including the ÖH fee within the admission deadline.

All other non-degree students have to pay the prescribed tuition fee including ÖH fee within the admission deadline in order to be able to continue their non-degree programmes at TU Wien

The validity period of the student ID card (TUcard) in chip card format must be carried out each semester at the terminals provided for this purpose (TUcard kiosks). You can find the locations of the TUcard kiosks here.

NOTE: The renewal of the student card is only possible if you have paid your tuition fee and/or ÖH fee and your status in your TISS account is "fortgemeldet".