TU Life

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Aerial view: the Resselpark is placed in the middle, here are also several locations of the TU Vienna.

TU Wien -Aerial view

On the right is the main building of the TU Vienna and on the left is the Kalrskirche with a pond in front.

Karlskirche, TU Wien

View from the Karlskirche over the pond to the park.

Surroundings Karlsplatz

View from the Karlskirche across the pond to the main building of the TU Wien

Surroundings Karlsplatz

Ground markings on the road that indicate the directions. For example TU Wien, Karlskirche, Wien Museum etc.

Schriftzug Karlsplatz

A dancing couple at the TU Wien Ball in the Hofburg.

TU Ball

© TU Wien, Matthias A. Muggli

A large group of people, all dressed in black, on the staircase in the TU Wien.

TU Orchestra

© Walter Kuehnelt

Orchestra with a conductor in the middle in the domed hall of the TU Vienna.

Academic Wind Philharmonic Orchestra Vienna

© Georg Lembergh

There are two groups of people on a roof terrace. On the right is the female group and on the left is the male group. They stand in the same pose (but mirrored) and look at each other.

TU Choir

© Ksenija Simonovic

Six students sit on the floor in front of the technical equipment.

TU Space Team

© TU Space Team

A sports car at Auto Racing.

TU Racing Team

© TU Racing Team

Two boys at a basketball tournament. One has the ball and the other tries to defend. There are many spectators in the back.

TU Robots, das TU-Basketball Team

© Nutville Photography (nutville.at)

Two girls sitting on the steps in front of the university.
Wooden bench in the inner courtyard of the TU Wien

TU Wien invites you to stay

Wooden bench in the inner courtyard of the TU Vienna with one person on it
Group of people on the roof terrace of the TU Wien
A hall with several groups of people working together.

TU Austria Innovations-Marathon

© TU Austria, Matthias Heisler

Three young people working together on a laptop.

TU Austria Innovations-Marathon

© TU Austria, Matthias Heisler

On the back is the beamer is a sign saying "Women's Prize" and in a front are two women playing musical instruments.

© TU Wien, Matthias Heisler

An image on the ipad of a thermal situation in the room.
Reflection from the TU Vienna Library in the glasses of a young woman
Two students outside next to the Freihaus discuss something with each other.
Three people discuss printed plans with each other
Commode with yellow hemets on the top