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Summer term 2023:

234.063: Process modeling and IT Support in FM, VO, 2.0

The course offers an introduction to the modeling of processes based on the ARIS model as well as practical exercises for process modeling. The main IT systems used to support FM processes are Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Building Management Systems, Computer Aided Design Systems and Management Information Systems. The lecture highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the tools and their areas of application.

330.286: UE Industrielle Informationssysteme

UE held in blocked form
The focus is on the introduction to ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) and the teaching of selected integrative business processes using the standard business software SAP. The students should be given an understanding of the business process concept and the problems of interface management using simple examples.
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208.001: VO Technical Building Equipment 2

After successful completion of the course, students are able to develop an understanding of the requirements of building technology systems. This understanding should serve communication skills in interdisciplinary planning partnerships. The effects of alternative designs on the associated energy requirements should be estimated and structural precautions for building services systems should be taken into account in an appropriate manner.    

Again in the winter semester 2023/24:

330.285: VO Industrial Informationsystems

VO held in blocked form
With this VO, students learn to apply an overview of central and cross-departmental IT systems from the technical perspective of a company, based on core value processes of industrial production companies, which support the comprehensive and integrative service creation processes of industrial companies. These systems include, in particular, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and systems that are used as part of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). The students are able to evaluate and select suitable IT processes for given problems or tasks. You will learn to understand how the systems work and be able to use them safely, so that you can also play a key role in the project, for example when introducing or expanding industrial information systems.
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234.038: Introduction to Facility Management, VO, 1.0

This VO provides an overview of the different definitions of facility management (FM) based on common standards. Based on an analysis of the needs of users, operators and owners, FM is presented as an interdisciplinary management strategy for real estate optimization. The requirements for civil engineers and architects resulting from a life cycle-oriented view of the property are explained. The focus of the lecture is on planning and subsequent building management, in which FM is integrated from the earliest possible phase. Strategies for the optimal introduction and position of FM in a company are then presented. Based on this, the following processes, among others, are shown in FM:

  • Conception and planning of buildings with regard to FM
  • Operation (maintenance, repair, etc.)
  • Real estate management (agent and property manager)
  • Target costing and FM
  • Benchmarking
  • Digitization in FM. What are IoT, AI, Ml etc and how will they change operations in the future?

In the following, implementation strategies of FM are explained and the advantages and disadvantages are presented. Finally, the effects of FM on the planning process are outlined.

206.238: VO Technical Building Equipment

After successful completion of the course, students are able to...

  • ... to get an overview of the formal and legal bases. You can also classify the new requirements from ESG.
  • ... to know the physical basics of building technology.
  • ... to know the essential technical building equipment with its parts and the interaction of the trades.
  • ... to monitor and critically question the planning of the trades.
  • ... to know the essential new technologies in the field of buildings such as IoT, Big Data, ....
  • ... to know the importance and strategic direction of FM.
  • ... to know the influence of design and building technology on the life cycle.

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