Head of Institute

Administrative staff


Foto Marie Auzinger

© Matthias Heisler

Assistance of the Head of Institute

Project management

Andreas CZINK

[Translate to English:] Kein Foto von Andreas Czink

IT administration

Brigitte ECKER

Foto Brigitte Ecker

© Matthias Heisler

Administration office
Secretary (financial matters)

Dr. Rebecca FISCHER

Portrait of Rebecca Fischer in front a sand coloured pillar

© Josef Krpelan

Administration office
Secretary (business trips, homepage)

Nina Selin HABERLE

Portrait of Nina Haberle in front of an overgrown wall

© privat

Administration office
Secretary (personnel matters)


Foto Manuela Khaladj

© Matthias Heisler

Administration office
Secretary (personnel matters)

Faculty Members


portrait Karl Hollaus

© private

Senior Scientist for Computational Electromagnetics

Prof. Andreas KÖRNER

Foto Andreas Körner

© Matthias Heisler

Assistant Professor of Mathematics in Simulation and Education

Dr. Eduard NIGSCH

Photo Eduard Nigsch

© Eduard Nigsch

Senior Scientist for Functional Analytic Methods of PDEs

Prof. Joachim SCHÖBERL

Foto Joachim Schöberl

© Herbert Stöckelmayer (Foto Gugerbauer)

Professor of Computational Mathematics in Engineering

Prof. Kevin STURM

Foto Kevin Sturm

© Matthias Heisler

Associate Professor of Numerical Optimization

Prof. Peter SZMOLYAN

[Translate to English:] Peter Szmolyan

© Matthias Heisler

Professor of Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems