In particular, applied research topics can be found in this department. They range from interdisciplinary topics in the area of construction industry and contract law or construction industry and public procurement law to the examination of the cost effects of planning factors and analyzes of projects, project organizations, cost calculations or schedules.

target-actual comparison

performance hours

Disability and forcing performance hours

Prof. Andreas Kropik is currently working on construction calculations, their interface to cost accounting and representation in the calculation forms of ÖNORM B 2061, which was reissued in May 2020. In this context, for example, the cross-company calculation of the apportioned ancillary personnel costs (ancillary wage costs - Excel file, opens an external URL in a new window) was rethought and a standardized calculation program for personnel costs (K3 sheet of ÖNORM B 2061), which describes the special features of the different collective agreements in the construction industry.

K3 Personnel price form (base calculation)

K3 sheet of ÖNORM B 2061

The results are summarized in a comprehensive work (construction calculation, cost accounting and ÖNORM B 2061) (table of contents - PDF, opens an external URL in a new window).

The effects of the COVID-19 measures on the construction process are also examined as required. An overview of the economic impact on construction projects will follow shortly.