Planning space is usually defined by political and administrative boundaries, although our living and economic space is shaped by functional contexts such as: catchment area, everyday travel, and spatial identity. When planning regional development, the region must always be redefined as the object of planning and communicated as such during the participation process. Further development of the region in partnership with local people is the goal of innovative regional development.

The Research Unit (formerly Centre) of Regional Planning and Regional Development deals with methods, the process design, implementation, and evaluation of regional spatial planning and regional development. Through dissertations, research projects, commissioned projects, final year projects and practical courses, we study, develop and accompany the implementation of spatial development processes and instruments that cut across municipal, provincial, and national borders. In this context, interdisciplinary collaboration with experts, universities, public authorities, and NGOs is regarded as an essential component and put into practice accordingly.

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The poster shows the teaching of the summer semester 2024. More information in the description text.
© Maria Stepan

We can barely await it! Registration for the 2024 summer semester starts on February 16, 2024. Below you will find a range of exciting courses offered…

Auf dem Bild ist die Einladung zum Diskussionsabend am 11.12.2023 zu sehen
© Lina Martin

Invitation to the discourse evening on Monday, 11.12., 5 p.m. at TUtheSky for a practical reflection on the designability of transformation.

[Translate to English:] Langer Tag der Flucht
© Karolin Gahleitner

Since 2014, around 30,000 people have officially lost their lives fleeing across the Mediterranean. The actual number is probably much higher. Many…

Auf dem Bild ist die Beschreibung des Wintersemester 2023 zu sehen, mehr Informationen dazu finden sie im Text.
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We can hardly wait! This week the new semester starts and we welcome all new students at TU. Here is an overview of the courses offered at the…

Auf dem Bild ist Hartmut Dumke stehend zu sehen wie er die Publikation präsentiert.
© Sibylla Zech.

The publications are here and presented! Despite the hot August days and the summer slump, the presentation of the publications "ISEK hoch 4" and…