The Research Unit conducts research in all core areas of regional planning, develops innovative and problem-oriented research projects, and practices research-led teaching. The emphasis lies on application-oriented, practical research and on varied interdisciplinary collaboration. Work involves national and international planning and research projects as well as final theses in various fields, such as:

  • Endogenous and cross-border regional development
  • Spatial development in urban fringe regions and border regions
  • Interregional collaborations (e.g. Alpine Space, Interreg)
  • Methods and instruments for regional planning and development
  • Planning for regional, national, and international development
  • Planning instruments and terms in CEE countries
  • Gender mainstreaming in spatial planning
  • Regional/Urban Transport Laboratories
  • Energy-related spatial planning
  • Smart Regions/Smart Cities
  • Planning ethics

The Research Unit's staff teach, carry out research, and contribute to publications with a view to actively shaping the future. They immediately integrate current research findings into their teaching. All of the Research Unit's projects are available in the project database of TU Wien; and publications can be consulted in the publication database of TU Wien.