Daseinsvorsorge 2.0 is a joint project with the Department of Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy  (IFIP) at TU Wien, Emma Dowling from the University of Vienna and Alexandra Strickner from the Competence Center for Infrastructure Economics, Public Services and Social Provisioning on behalf of the Vienna Chamber of Labor.

Services of general interest include services that cover people's basic existential needs and for which the state traditionally bears special responsibility (health, education, social services, housing, energy, etc.). Climate change and the need to operate within planetary boundaries - the so-called socio-ecological transformation - also pose particular challenges for services of general interest. The aim of the study is to examine these challenges for selected areas of public services, identify the resulting political fields of action and highlight the associated employment potential.

Funded as part of the “Sustainable Mobility in Practice” program by the Climate and Energy Fund.
Duration: 01/2024 – 12/2024