Jonathan Fetka in an interview with ORF TOPOS

The use of delivery robots is already part of the cityscape in other countries. Jonathan Fetka explains what the situation currently looks like in Austria!

ORF TOPOS - Article "Delivery robots on the rise worldwide" (22.01.2024)


ORF TOPOS - Article "Delivery robots on the rise worldwide" (22.01.2024)

Does it make sense to use delivery robots and how far along is implementation in Austria really?

In other countries such as the UK or the USA, delivery robots are already being utilised regularly in cities. They are usually about the size of a bicycle trailer and are used to deliver groceries, food orders or parcels. They mainly use pavements and pedestrian zones and travel at a speed of approximately six kilometres per hour. 

In Austria, however, the legal framework is complex and delivery robots are currently operating in a legal grey area.This is one of the reasons why they are not really being used yet.  

In principle, there are good arguments in favour of the use of delivery robots (e.g. support for the elderly or people with limited mobility). However, there are also legitimate concerns and objections such as safety aspects for pedestrians and cyclists, short ranges and only small permissible payloads.

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