The Research Unit Transportation System Planning (MOVE) together with seven other research fields forms the Institute of Spatial Planning at the TU Wien. In teaching and research, MOVE deals with transport, mobility and logistics in the context of spatial development as well as with interactions in context of social, technological and economic aspects. Our basic understanding integrates the demand- and supply-oriented perspective.

Teaching and research focuses on the analysis and sustainable design of mobility and transport. Suitable measures, methods, instruments and processes must be applied and further developed.

The focus of our research activities is on social and technical innovations in the field of mobility and transport with the following current focal points:

  • Interactions between space and mobility at different spatial levels, from road space to the (urban) region, taking into account the aspects of different user groups.
  • Urban mobility laboratories as experimental environments in which mobility and traffic innovations are researched, tested and implemented in a multidisciplinary way.
  • Mobility of goods and (city) logistics
  • Integrated strategies and measures for a future mobility and transport system with a focus on users and their behaviour

MOVE can draw on a broad range of methodological expertise, ranging from quantitative and qualitative methods of social research and transport modelling to economic and ecological evaluation methods applied in complex research designs.