Build and shape space on and off Earth

As we enter a space renaissance, planned space missions are on the rise and space-based technologies are becoming integral to our daily lives on Earth, such as global positioning systems, financial transactions, and weather forecasts.

Living and working in space, as well as research stations on the moon and Mars, are goals that are opening up numerous opportunities on our planet. The experiences gained from these extreme extraterrestrial conditions can serve as case studies for addressing pressing terrestrial challenges.

Addressing Terrestrial Challenges

Our world is changing, and we see it every day through extreme weather, climate conditions, environmental destruction, limited resources, sustainable building, and land use optimization.

Our Executive MBA program bridges the gap between economics, engineering, architecture, and other technical and social sciences, connecting space and Earth. This unique interdisciplinary MBA imparts knowledge and know-how about new technologies and strategies for planning, building, and living in space.

Synergizing Earth-Related Issues

Simultaneously, reflecting on and synergizing current Earth-related issues, such as resource utilization, technology, and climate, are essential components of our discussions with internationally recognized experts and leaders.

This course prepares executives, high potentials, and space market enthusiasts for future requirements in an international and interdisciplinary field of work, both in space and on Earth. Our Academy for Continuing Education combines technology with management and leadership, training you to excel in a leading position.

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How to live in outer space

Students and researchers of TU Wien talking about the field of Space Architecture

Final Degree: Executive Master of Business Administration (ExecutiveMBA) in Management & Technology | Space Architecture

ECTS Credits: 92

Duration: 3 semesters + Master's Thesis

Structure: Part-time, blocked in modules

Language: English

Tuition Fee: EUR 29,790.00 (VAT-exempt). This tuition fee includes EUR 2,900.00 for the field trip to Houston/USA. Costs for travel, lodgings and meals are not included in the tuition fee. -10% Reduction for TU Wien Graduates 

Financial Support & Funding: All details can be found on our website.

Admission Requirements: First academic degree*; 3 years of work experience; personal interview
*) Persons holding an equivalent educational and professional qualification may also be admitted.

Locations: TU Wien, surrounding area of Vienna; Online, Study trip Houston, USA

Academic Director: Dr.Ing. Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger

  • Know-how for the targeted management of your company or organization
  • Strengthen your leadership personality
  • Space architecture discipline and associated fields
  • The latest development of space emerging technologies like 3D Manufacturing, Robotics, VR and AR
  • Envision, develop and assess opportunities for Downstream and Upstram Applications
  • Gain Know-how on Business management for the New Space Era
  • Interact with international experts in the field and expand your network

  • Internationally recognized experts as speakers from Austria and abroad
  • Unique study trip with industry insights
  • International colleagues with interesting backgrounds

We welcome people from all areas who want to combine science and technology with their creative work. This includes the design disciplines as well as the social, economic and political sciences and law. Experts who are already working in the space sector and want to take on a management or leadership position. Professionals outside the space sector who want to acquire the necessary expertise to enter the space sector with a sound business education.

This MBA is the right choice if you:

-want to develop innovative, future-oriented concepts with international partners

-prepare for an international and interdisciplinary management role.

-want to develop your management and leadership skills in dealing with the unique and challenging conditions in the extreme environment 

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Our lecturers at one glance.

Study trips

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In this program we offer an exciting study trip to Houston, Texas to our community.

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