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Victoria Mohr Victoria Mohr

Personal Profile

Name: Victoria Mohr      

Company & Position: Thermo Fisher Scientific | Service technician in the field

Education: in Technical Chemistry, TU Wien

Personal Motto: When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. ~ distributed widely as attributed to Henry Ford

I have never felt that anything really mattered but the satisfaction of knowing that you stood for the things in which you believed and had done the very best you could. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

MBA program: MBA Digital Transformation & Change Management (Start June 2021)

MBA Journey Take-off Interview

For quite some time I wanted to learn something new and broaden my knowledge. I began taking small e-learning courses in Project Management at our in-house training platform and as my skills expanded, so did my interest. After gaining my first leadership experiences and taking part in a global change project in 2020, I intensified my search for a suitable continuing professional development. At first I was looking at training courses in Project Management, but I finally started to search for something that offered basics in business administration and included Change Management as a major part. That way I found the MBA program “Digital Transformation & Change Management”. It was the perfect fit!

I hope to get equipped with a versatile tool case to be able to respond to various leadership challenges in an effective way. Coming from a technical background I currently lack business knowledge and want to build a good foundation for my personal development and the next steps on my career path.

After getting to know each other, I would like to thank my current fellow students for the excellent cooperation so far. I appreciate the exchange between the different personalities coming from different backgrounds.

It helps to hear that other people working in other companies in very different industries are nevertheless faced with the same challenges and struggle with the same problems. Often one has the impression that one is stuck and thinks that this may be due to the company model. The discussions with colleagues, however, showed that this is completely independent of the area in which the respective company is active. Some things are the same everywhere...

The journey so far has already changed the way I look at decisions from top management and the way I approach certain tasks and decisions myself. I can only encourage others to apply for the program. There is a lot of experience to gain personally that will help you no matter where life takes you.

The structure of the MBA program helps to manage time distribution between all personal areas. Work-life balance is a periodical topic and I think it can always be improved. On the other hand, one “long weekend”, which I like to call it, every month can be taken off easy enough. Those weekends, although having an educational agenda, sometimes feel like a vacation of the everyday life. You spend time with like-minded people who want to develop themselves and work towards the same goal. After every module I reflect on the insights I gained and every time I had something to take home. It is not only a valuable experience for my professional self, but also teaches me a lot about myself in general. Time invested in personal development is well invested time.

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