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Eduan Howard, BEng PhD

Personal Profile

Name: Eduan Howard

Company & Position: Magna Powertrain, Expert E-Motor Design Engineer

Education: Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering (PhD Eng Eletrical), University of Stellenbosch

Personal Highlight: The leadership course, and the training sessions really inspired me to reflect and think about my challenges differently.

Personal Motto: Always run towards opportunities; The harder you practice, the luckier you get; Never leave breadcrumbs, sooner or later they will come back to find you; Always take care of others.

MBA program: MBA Automotive Industry (Start June 2021)

MBA Journey Take-off Interview

When considering different MBA courses, I was looking for something that would both help me grow in the industry I am currently working in, and in my personal life. I selected the program because of its specific specialisation in the automotive industry, and its detailed training modules.

It makes me proud to form a small part of the history and tradition of TU Wien. The old buildings and architecture really inspire me when I consider the multiple scholars and academics that passed through the halls.

I expect to grow into a more effective leader, not only in leading others, but also myself. My goal is to learn new tools and techniques to effectively navigate the complex world of leadership, and to be able to effectively apply these tools and techniques to reflect on complex situations, and systematically solve them.

It is essential to consider your perspective and motivation when embarking on a MBA journey. The program should not be viewed as an end to a means to advance in a career or financially. It should be viewed as a lifelong journey into personal introspection and growth. Only with this motivation and mindset will you be able to maximize your potential and personal growth.

In all honesty, it is very challenging to keep the balance. It requires careful planning, dedication, discipline and the support of those around you. It also requires prioritisation around what is important; work, family, education and health. As long as you are willing to compromise on the usual distractions that do not fall under any of these four critical categories, you should have no problem in maintaining the balance.

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