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Master's theses

The MSc Program is concluded by writing a Master's Thesis with an applied character. Below we provide you with a comprehensive overview of the topics of all completed Master's Theses.

Detailed information on the Master's Theses and the full text versions of those not restricted from public use are available on TU Wien's online library catalogue, opens an external URL in a new window.

Jasmin Ahmad | 2019

Non-Financial Reporting with an Emphasis on Environmental Reporting

Nino Akhvlediani | 2014

Energy Security of Georgia towards Integration in the European Union

Jehad Al Mazrouei | 2017

Working-Passive cooling Eco-techniques in Abu Dhabi Emirate: Guidelines and implementation recommendations to advance Estidama Pearl Villa Rating System

Jürgen Angleitner - Flotzinger | 2009

The Potentials of Renewable Energies in Transition Economies: An investigation of industrial processes in Serbia

Tyler Ashton | 2010

The Role of ICT in sustainable development: an analytical timeline of energy consumption trends

Shruti Athavale | 2013

Meta Study to Assess the Sustainability of Second-Generation Biofuels: Emphasis on Residues and Wastes

Michaela Inge Aumann | 2014

The European Energy Infrastructure Package and Its Implications for the Environmental Impact Assessment Regime: The Case of Austria

Oliver Authried | 2015

The contribution of Indigenous Peoples ecosystem management to climate change mitigation actions

Gulnaz Azimbayeva | 2011

Trans- Caspian pipeline project and EIA in the Caspian region

Miriam Baghdady | 2016

Public Participation in the Water Framework Directive. A comparative Review: Austria and France

Sarah Baghdady | 2017

The Future of Environmental Reporting - A Comparative Analysis: Verbung, OMV, Palfinger und Wienerberger

Maria Baierl | 2013

Communication Management in Water Risk and Crisis Situations

Ashley Bantelman | 2014

Modeling Nutrient Emissions in River Catchments in Upper Austria: a Sensitivity Analysis

Gabriela Banu | 2015

Inadequacies of current liability regimes in the nuclear industry

Catherine Beale | 2011

Evaluating Emerging Environmental Technologies: Strategic Planning and the Materials Supply Chain

Laura Beitz | 2016

Sustainable mobility in rural areas based on autonomous vehicles on-demand

Melanie Blewett | 2010

Waste and Climate Change: a Critical Review of Clean Development Mechanism Landfill Gas Projects

Dana Maria Bogdan | 2011

The Influence of Wind Energy on the Romanian economic and energetic sectors on the background of the legislative framework

Sylvain Boursier | 2013

Demand for Final Sinks of Selected Substances in Countries of Different Economic Development -Analyse for Carbon, Nitrogen and Mercury in three cities of the world

Alexandra Boyer | 2013

Comparative analysis of the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in Austria and Scotland

Boris Brkovic | 2016

CubeSats and Space Diplomacy: Accelerating Development by Utilizing the International Space Station for Earth Observation Satellite Deployment

Christof Brunner | 2017

European Union Circular Economy Strategy - Analysis of Scrap Metal Mass Flows and Related Economic Values Between The EU and the World

Lisa Butzenlechner | 2015

Comparing the agricultural development of Mexico to selected Latin American countries between 1994 and 2015 by developing indicators of a Sustainable Agriculture Index

Marta Triana Castillo Sancho | 2010

Comparison of the Implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive: Spain and the United Kingdom

Erik Cavallari | 2017

CTBTO's Verification Activities and Technologies: Potential Applications for Climate Change Studies and Environmental Monitoring

Kristyna Cerna | 2011

Biofuels in the EU - a premature decision: Sustainability of the biofuel production for transportation in Europe

Agnès Chanut | 2016

Phosphorus recovery from municipal wastewater. A case study : the wastewater treatment plant of Linz-Asten

I-Hsien Chen | 2011

Analysis of the flows of goods of a typical Viennese household into the sinks according to the four main activities

Tatiana Chernyavskaya | 2019

Analysis of the flows of goods of a typical Viennese household into the sinks according to the four main activities

Stefan Cibulka | 2019

An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Resource Footprints and Quality of Life in the Context of Environmentally Sustainable Development

Pushkal Chhaparwal | 2016

A synergetic Analysis of Verification Technologies of I.A.E.A. and C.T.B.T.O for nuclear non Proliferation and Security

Marissa Davis | 2016

Derivation of Finance for Improved Wast-to-Energy Technology: Development Policy Research and Methodical Financial Analysis to Catalyze Sustainable Development in Delhi, India

Sergio De Alvim Carneiro | 2013

Sustainable Energy Future: the Viability of Nuclear Power in a Post-Fukushima World

Indira de Graaf | 2016

Capitalising energy efficiency in housing markets: an investigation into the impact of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) on transaction prices in selected European countries

Giulia Luisa De Mattia | 2010

A General Assessment of Plastics Production, Consumption and Waste on a Global Scale. Analysis Based on the Case Studies of Brazil, Europe and the United States

Matthias De Moor | 2012

Improving methods for developing and analyzing alternatives in the framework of Environmental Impact Assessments in Europe

Lisa Della Pietra | 2017

Sustainable Water Use in Agriculture: The Significance of Wastewater Reuse

Anna Desrosiers | 2012


Gloria Diewald | 2010

Rural electrification through polyvalent hybrid systems for the Bolivian High Andes Region.

Lamija Dzigal | 2016

Energy Security and Clean Energy Development in the EU Neighborhood. The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Stefanie Eckelhart | 2019

Climate Migration under the aspect of the Water-Food-Energy Nexus

Samar Elagabani | 2012

Solar Heating and Cooling of Buildings as a Contribution to Climate Change Abatement - illustrated through a Case Study of Greece

Ahmed Elnaggar | 2011

Analysis of Nile Water Scarcity in Egypt

Konstantin Erol | 2015

Energy Transformation of Cape Verde - Establishing a 100% renewable energy mix for 2020 and 2030

Beatrice Fantacci | 2017

Water Quality Trading: A solution to the Eutrophication of Waterbodies?

Livia Nathalie Färber | 2015

Anthropogenic Material Flow Analysis of Phosphorus in the European Union

Phillip Farbowski | 2019

Treated wastewater in agriculture – a framework to analyze its global potential

Ansgar Fellendorf | 2018

Trading the Temperature: Voluntary Carbon Offsetting as Climate Change Mitigation Tool for Developing Countries - Lessons from Cookstove Projects in Nepal

Oliver Fischer | 2010

Desalination Technologies for Future Water Supply of Arid Zones under Emphasis on the Solar Thermal Potential

Adrian Sebastian Frey | 2011

Contribution of established and alternative desalination technologies as approach to the international water crisis

Elisabeth Gager | 2012

Energy Access for Socio-economic Development – Impact and Potential of Decentralized Electricity Generation in Rural Uganda

Joachim Gamper | 2011

Anthropogenic Resource Use: Cycles,Dissipation and Final Sinks

Georg Gassauer | 2009

The Basel Convention, a twenty year review

Nathalie Ghazarian | 2016

Material Flow Analysis and Application of LCD Monitors in Peru. A Case Study of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

Laura Glasberg | 2015

The urban heat island effect in courtyards: A microclimatic analysis of courtyards in Vienna

Kirsten Virginia Glenn | 2016

Trigeneration from Renewable Energies: based on the example of the biomass plant in Vienna in connection to the Vienna central railway station

Pilar Sofia Gómez-Lobo Santiago | 2015

Urban sprawl, land use and air pollution in urban areas with a case study on the San Juan Metropolitan Area, Puerto Rico

Stefanie Gritzmann | 2018

A Circular European Plastics Economy: A Feasible Concept?

Gilbert Eduard Guntschnig | 2012

Material Requirements for Future Deployment Levels of Photovoltaics

Suk-Yong Ha | 2015

Study on the Market Stabilization Measures in the Korea Emissions Trading Scheme (Its comparison with the EU ETS and recommendations)

Lukas Hainzl | 2017

Renewable Energy Business Incentives - Austria vs. China - A Case Study

Petronela Halamova | 2019

Chapter 27 (Environment and Climate Change) of the Serbian Accession Process to the European Union: Challenges and the Way Forward

Vanessa Hamerijckx | 2011

The Technology Mechanism under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Victoria Joyce Haykin | 2016

Micropower Energy-Harvesting Devices: Areas of Application and Near-Future Potential

Valerie Hengl | 2018

The Pathway to a sustainable energy future of Sub-Saharan countries - A case study of the implementation of renewable energy

John Edward Hildebrand | 2016

Testing the Pollution Haven Hypothesis: The effects of environmental deregulation on investment patterns, economic growth, and pollution in Wisconsin

Simion Hurghis | 2013

Cost drivers and their variabilities for wind energy plants especially for offshore wind parks on the Romanian black sea shore

Stefania Islas Muedano | 2019

Wind Power: Bounds for the different development stages of the industry in Mexico, the United States and Denmark

Daniela Izabal Nogueda | 2013

Life Cycle Assessment of PET Bottle Recycling: A Case Study for Mexico

Kristjan Jachnowitsch | 2013

Alternatives to the current UNFCCC process

Stefan Jansen | 2013

Repowering Strategies for Wind Farms in Northern Germany - A Feasibility Study

Luka Jazbec | 2012

Electricity from Renewables in the EU: Feed-in Tariffs and the 2020 Targets

Philip Alexander Jones | 2016

The transition to 100% renewable energy societies in Central Africa; a Uganda case-study

Tanvir Kabir | 2019

The Groundwater Arsenic Crisis in Bangladesh, Impacts & Challenges for SDG (s) 2030 Development Agenda

Marta Kaczmarek | 2014

Poland and its Strategy to reach European Renewable Energy Targets 2020

Christina Kauer | 2018

Assessment of Climate Change Adaption Policies in the Danube River Basin

Vera Kellen | 2014

Unwanted Pathways: A Material Flow Analysis of Plastics from Production to the Ocean

Olivia Klemmer | 2019

Digitalisation potential analysis for sustainable waste management

Svetlana Kirilyuk | 2015

Assessment of potentials and cost of renewable energy sources in the Murmansk region of Russia

Manfred Klinglmair | 2009

Urban Mining and Resource Management in Times of Raw Material Shortage (Using the First World War as an Example)

Gregor Viktor Kofler | 2010

Sustainability of Water Supply in rural Sub-Saharan Africa

Saskia Knecht | 2019

A silent global change- Increased use of synthetic chemicals in the society and occurence in the water cycle

Klaus Kogler | 2009

Application of LEED to Austrian Buildings: a Case-Study

Sarah König | 2018

Bhutan's rural electrification by renewable energy sources: Analysis of development policies, technologies, and their socio-economic and environmental impacts

Verena Kontschieder | 2014

Strategic Priorities under Swiss Energy Regulation - Propositions from Ownership Structure and Board of Directors

Igor Kosic | 2015

Comparative Analysis of Waste Management in Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Julia Christina Kostal | 2019

Integrating Climate Change into a Conceptual Framework for River Basin Management by the Example of the Rhône River Basin

Julia Kraft | 2018

Environmental Impact Statement on Outer Space Missions – Prevention and Mitigation of Environmental Impacts caused by Space Launches and Operation via Environmental Impact Assessments - NASA's Mission 2020 to Mars

Konstantin Kraus | 2015

The Role of Industry in the EU: Making Manufacturing Work

Miriam Regine Krinner | 2013

The German Turnaround: An Analysis of the Strategic Communication of the Bavarian State towards its Citizens

Anastasia Krol | 2017

Reviewing the Indus Water Treaty in Regards to Future Challenges

Theresa Catharina Maria Kuglitsch | 2014

Urban Resilience Evaluating the Adaptive Capacity of Cities Towards a Changing Climate - Case Study Vienna

Daniel Laaber | 2016

The Potential of Lithium-ion Batteries and Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries as Distributed Stationary Energy Storage Systems for Photovoltaics

Maria Konstantina Laina | 2010

Evaluation of an alternative Waste Management Scenario on the Greek Prefecture Ilia

Maximilian Lang | 2011

Application of cost calculation and comparison methods for resource-oriented sanitation services in Nakuru, Kenya

Bernice Lee | 2009

Influencing factors in creating a system to monitor honey bee (Apis mellifera) losses

Paul Leitner | 2014

The Changes in the Photovoltaic Industry - Economic Analysis

Katrin Lepuschitz | 2013

Demolition Waste - an Analysis of Composition and Financial Value based on a Case Study in Vienna

Bob Pierre Lucien Lessel | 2016

A holistic approach to the European bioeconomy and its agricultural biomass supply - Multifunctional hemp as one of the future pillars

Anton Levstek | 2016

Prospect of Sustainable and Secure Energy in the People’s Republic of China

Vit Lichtenstein | 2016

Microgrids for macro impact – Smart trading for energy transition

Nicholas Lieb | 2018

Opportunities of Blockchain for Industry 4.0 – Energy Impacts for the Industrial Internet of Things

Jennifer MacDonald | 2015

Electricity Generation from Palm Oil Biomass Residues Incineration: Feasibility study with feedstock from governmental plantation sites in Sumatra Utara, Indonesia

Marcela Lozano Luna | 2019

Hydrogen as a Potential Renewable and Secure Source for Energy Supply

Benedikt Mandl | 2010

A Need for Harmonisation of EU Law? Environmental Impact Assessments in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom

Ann Marie Manhart | 2012

Assessing Sources and Pathways of Nutrient Pollution in the Coral Triangle

Isabel Mank | 2015

Energy blackouts and water outages: A risk management approach towards raising awareness and assuming responsibility

Cécilia Maronnier | 2012

Current developments and the future of Environmental Impact Assessments in Europe

Clemens Matzer | 2012

Scope and Differentiation of EIA and SEA

Franz Paul Mayer De La Rosa | 2015

Categorization and Optimization of Waste Collection Centers (ASZ) in the District of Mödling, Lower Austria

Tanya Antje Mayo-Bruinsma | 2014

Identifying key trends in food loss and waste in the global food system using the material flow analysis approach

Anastasia Medvedeva | 2015

Space Debris Remediation: an International Relations Approach

Klara Melbinger | 2018

Private Mobility: an Electric Future (?)

Syreel Mishra | 2017

Rural Electrification in India By Solar Photovoltaic Cell Energy: Analysis of Regional Programs, it's Future Trends and Costs

Renaud Moisan | 2009

Ancillary benefits of reduced air pollution from climate policies: Impacts on greenhouse gas abatement costs and the flexible mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol

Bavesh Moorthy | 2016

An Evaluation of Technical, Economics and Regulationary Analysis of Plant Life Extension in Nuclear Power Plants

Vicente Mora | 2012

Energy in the 21st Century The Emergence of Microgrids in the Urban Environment

Felix Moser | 2013

Photovoltaic Dynamic Grid Parity and Austrian Utilities: Where to go from here?

Hatem Yousri Moustafa | 2010

Energy Security and the Environment in Egypt.The role of renewable energy

Paul Mwangi Muchuki | 2015

Nutrient Balance in Waste Treatment and Disposal in Nairobi, Kenya: Case of the Dandora Dumpsite

Agnes Müller | 2012

The Power of water.How large-scale dam projects impact on a political level - Illustrated using the Ilisu dam as an example

Enkhchimeg Munkhgerel | 2017

Using Solar Energy to Reduce Air Pollution in Ulaanbaatar

Constantin Muraru | 2017

Understanding the Main flows of primary Microplastics

Richard Murphy | 2013

Experimental investigation into the heavy metals content in construction materials

Eri Nagai | 2011

The Value of Resources: An Analysis on the Material Composition and Material Price of Consumer Electronic Products

Inga Mareike Nienkerke | 2013

Resilience in the Face of Climate Change Technologies as Solutions and Business Opportunities in the Quest of Climate Change Adaptation

Peter Josef Niss | 2010

Regulatory Compliance Management for Technology-oriented Agreements. A transdisciplinary inquiry in managing Radiation Protection Regulations at CERN

Oliver Ortis | 2010

Integrated Autonomous Rural Electrification - Facilitating Development in Indonesia

Lukas Ulrich Ortner | 2018

E-mobility for public transport buses– Assessment of considerations towards electrification possibilities

Wolfgang Otter | 2015

Fiber and the City: Internet Infrastructure in the Context of Urban Form and Planning

Éva Anna Ottlakán | 2015

The traditional utility business model versus solar energy - the transformation of the electricity system

Anna Peer | 2016

Austrian Electric and Electronic Wastes Flows Relevance of WEEE-scrap metal losses due to illegal flows of WEEE for Austria's steel industry

Nicholas Perpmer | 2016

E-mobility- the introduction of electro-mobility in Austria from a resource point of view

Urban Jakob Peyker | 2009

The role of Energy Efficiency within the EU’s Energy and Climate Change Package

Lina Piskernik | 2014

A Comparison of the Effects of Primary Copper Mining in Chile and Secondary Copper Mining in Austria and the Resulting CO2 Emissions and Economic Revenues

Jasmin Ploner | 2015

Electric and Hydrogen Alternatives for Ground Support Equipment at Vienna International Airport

Ingrid Polzerová | 2014

Future projections for urban water provision: A case study on Kisumu (Kenya) and Mbale (Uganda)

Anna Maria Pölzl | 2019

Energy indepence through renewable energies - Hawaii's challenge to become a clean energy leader!

Ksenia Poplavskaya | 2016

Provision of flexibility in electricity networks in the current Austrian and European regulatory framework

Irina Beatrice Predescu | 2011

Avoiding fringe disprofits from increased use of biomass fuels for domestic heating in Austria

Katharina Rita Pröstler | 2014

Zero Fossil Fuels for the Galápagos Archipelago: Sustainability Assessment of the Island Strategy towards a 100% Renewable Energy System

Yana Prosvirova | 2018

International Nuclear Waste for long time disposa

Tessa Quandt | 2011

IS A CENTRAL EUROPEAN CITY WITHOUT CARBON DIOXIDE EMISSIONS FEASIBLE? By Analysing the substance flow of carbon and the carbon dioxide emissions in Vienna

Viktoria Racheva-Slavkova | 2016

The Future Development and Safety of Nuclear Energy in Danube River Basin: Assessing Nuclear Power Plant Safety With Regards To Managing Flood Hazards

Luis Fernando Ramirez Santa Cruz | 2011

Carbon Dioxide Reducation Potential of Sugar Cane Bagasse in Guatemala

Aditi Ramola | 2014

Exergy Analysis of Plastic Waste Management

Justina Rauch | 2018

EU-Policies on Transmission Network Development: In regard to the European Union's Energy Targets

Tabea Reicher | 2018

Innovation Partnership - A Way for more sustainable Innovations within Public Procurement?

Yves Jean-Paul Reynaud | 2013

The evolution of waste management in countries of transition

Emma Rocke | 2009

Considerations for a reference indicator of Nitrogen & Phosphorus emissions from agricultural sources in the Danube Basin

Emma Rocke | 2009

Considerations for a reference indicator of Nitrogen & Phosphorus emissions from agricultural sources in the Danube Basin

Idalia Rodriguez Martinez | 2019

Air Quality in the Context of the Sustainable Development Goals

Olesea Rosca-Schirrer | 2012

Implementation of WHO water safety plans for small utility units in the Republic of Moldova

Clemens Andreas Rosenmayr | 2014

Emissions Trading - Economic and Political Perspectives on an International Scheme based on the Examination of the EU ETS, the Australian CPRS and the WCI in the US and Canada

Bettina Röthlin | 2019

Mini-Grids Go Green: An Economic Viability Assessment of Integrating Renewable Energy into Off-Grid Diesel Power Systems in Cambodia - a Case Study on Koh Rong Island

Zoran Rusnov | 2012

Water Scarcity and Possible Conflicts in East Africa:The Example of Kenya

Raluca Sandulache | 2011

Linking Solar Energy with Waste Management: Photovoltaics vs. Biomass The Case of Vienna

Giovanna Sartori | 2011

WILL EUROPE ACHIEVE IST RENEWABLE ENERGY TARGETS? A legal, technological and economic analysis of the wind energy sector in Italy, France and the UK

Florian Schadauer | 2012

Valuation of a cencentrated solar power project with real options and discounted cash flow

Patricia Schedifka | 2019 

 A critical analysis of the consequences of the EU-proposed ban on single-use plastic items

Cornelia Schenk | 2011

Sustainable Urban Energy Metabolism - Analysis of Energy Flows and Optimisation Potentials in Vienna

Christoph Schlinke | 2011

Critical Analysis of the Evolution of Nuclear Power: Past, Present and Future Generation Assessment of optimization in operation, safety, economy an environmental impact

Elisabeth Schneeweiß | 2014

Nuclear Renaissance in Developing Countries: Challenges for the Introduction of a Nuclear Power Program

Martin Schönberg | 2015

The Implementation of Climate Change into Environmental Impact Assessment - Theoretical and Practical Approaches of Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies

Mitchell Schouchana | 2014

Energy performance assessment of existing buildings: A case study of LEED for an office building in Austria

Lisa Maria Schranz | 2016

The Protection of Lakes in the Face of Climate Change Challenges Regarding the Preservation of the "Good Water Status" - Explained on the Examples of Lake Constance and Lake Neusiedl

Klemens Schwarz | 2014

A European Perspective on the Shale Gas Revolution

Florian Schwarz | 2015

An analysis of the framework for Power-to-Gas in Austria

Dominique Richard Seramy | 2016

Fuel efficiency in the United States Automotive Industry: Design, Development, manufacturing, and marketing around the abundance of oil

Bernadette Serro | 2012

Analysis of the Water Framework Directive of the European Union and its implication for establishing an international framework

Nikolas Simon | 2018

Material Flow Analysis for Lithium in the EU

Christopher Simon | 2015

Impacts of Climate Change on the Ecological Status of Lake Neusiedl

Daryl Slatter | 2013

Induced Seismicity and the Viability of Enhanced Geothermal Systems

Ira Stanic | 2009

Implementation of the EC Landfill Directive in Croatia (with Emphasis on Municipal Solid Waste) Progress, Problems and Achievements

Sarah Elisabeth Steger | 2014

Dissipation of Metals - Global Anthropogenic Contribution to Geogenic Concentrations in the Soil

Miriam Steindl | 2016

Renewable energies in the context of rural electrification and the path towards a successful rural electrification strategy in Senegal

Raphael Stermann | 2011

Integrating wind power into the German electricity grid: a comparison of attributional and consequential LCA

Celine Stocker | 2009

An index for Water Availability per capita in Asia and the Pacific with Case Studies

Gerald Stöckl | 2012

Evaluating Selected Renewable Energy Sources and the Electrification Strategy of Nicaragua

Sophie Surinder | 2015

Sustainable Supply Chain in the Textile Industry

Siwei Zoe Tan | 2010

A Critical Review of the Water Footprint: Defining the Limits to its Application

Jiao Tang | 2012

A cost-benefit analysis of waste incineration with advanced bottom ash separation technology

Rebekka Taylor | 2019

A study on offshore wind energy and grid integration

Tetiana Temniuk | 2014

Transformation of Ukrainian Energy System towards a Sustainable Future

Thomas Tiller | 2017

The effects of uran ammunition on humans and the environment: A comparative assessment to other uranium sources

Christina Tirler | 2016

Occurence of Microplastics in Wastewater – Growing threat to the environment? An Austrian Case Study

Lejda Toçi | 2016

Wastewater Reuse on an International Scale: Application and Linked Legislation on Quality Requirements

Christina Toth | 2009

Irrelevanzkriterien in Genehmigungsverfahren - Ein Vergleich der österreichischen und deutschen Praxis

Patrick Toussaint | 2013

Regulation Under Scientific Uncertainty: Effectiveness,Impacts and Governance of Ocean Iron Fertilization

Anna Maria Trofaier | 2010

Thermokarst thaw lakes in Polar regions - Evaluating the need for pan-Arctic monitoring of periglacial environments

David Thomas Uecker | 2018

Industry 4.0 and its Effects on the Environment

Stefanie Valcheva | 2017

Paying back our balance: Can advances in renewable energy play a leading role in offsetting anthropogenic sources for climate change?

Blain Felizitas Valentin | 2014

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: A Way to Ethnic Conflicts in the Nile River Basin? Framework for Ethnic Conflicts Settlement

Marie von Bomhard | 2019

Qualitative analysis of reducing packaging consumption through reusable systems for takeaway containers

Birgit van Duyvenbode | 2018

Deforestation rates in Indonesia - One term, different numbers - Understanding why rates of forest loss form different sources vary and what it means for future studies

Alan Voldrich | 2019

Radon, the silent killer: The neglected repercussions cause unforeseen environmental health risks in African countries

Mylene Grace Velasquez | 2017

Chernobyl: A Meta-analysis of Knowledge Base on Plant Adaptability in Relatively High Radioactive Environs

Dana Vyzinkarova | 2012

SFA of POP Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers - Sources, pathways and sinks

Paula Wagner | 2019

The Implementation of Energy Efficiency in Austria: An analysis of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive and the Austrian Energy Efficiency Act with a focus on Energy Efficiency in companies

Spencer Warren | 2011

Enviromental Aspects of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Reactor & Reprocessing Technology

Cecilia Weiß | 2016

The Comparison of nuclear and conventional Techniques to tackle the double Burdon of Malnutrition

Nathalie Wergles | 2012

the implication of spatial planning on energy demand and energy efficiency potentials

Andrea Winterstetter | 2012

Evaluating Selected Disposal Options for POPs Waste in Developing Countries and Transition Economies

Maria Wirth | 2016

Anthropogenic DriversofMunicipalWaterSupply:Examining theImpactonEnergyIntensity in WaterUtilitiesacrossCountriesinAfrica

Georg Wolkenstein | 2015

Increasing the Energy Performance of Buildings: European Legislation and its Implementation in Austria

Rebecca Wolschner | 2011

Environmental Impact Assessments for Hydropower Plants - A Comparison of the EU, Austria and Turkey

Stephanie Zahrer | 2017

The German Phosphorus Budget as a Basis for Resource Management

Tomasz Jan Zaluska | 2015

Effectively achieve the goal of the 2030 climate framework: A case of cooperation between Poland and Germany

Karolina Zàzvorkovà | 2012

Assessment of the remediation project at Stráz pod Ralskem

Riccardo Zennaro | 2014

Developing a Framework for a Sustainable Water Allocation Plan in the Tana River Basin, Kenya

Marianne Teresa Zeyringer | 2010

Grid Extension versus Photovoltaic Stand-Alone Solutions for Rural Electrification in Kenya - Development of a Spatial Explicit Energy System Model

Christoph Zinkel | 2011

Projections of carbon mitigation potential for electricity generation technologies in China and Austria and impact on national carbon trading