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a plate with three different microscopes

Researchers at TU Wien (Vienna) and FHI Berlin succeeded in monitoring a catalytic reaction with three different microscopies under exactly the same…

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A new design principle can now predict the properties of quantum materials that have hardly been explored so far. For the first time, a strongly…

[Translate to English:] Drei dreidimensionale Computerdarstellungen der Metallstruktur: Quader bestehend aus kleinen unregelmäßigen Körnchen.

A seemingly paradoxical effect: friction normally causes more damage at higher speeds. But at extremely high speeds, it is the other way around.


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CO2 and methane can be turned into valuable products. But until now the catalysts required for such reactions quickly lose their effectiveness. TU…

graphical scheme of the experimental setup

At TU Wien (Vienna) and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a "light trap" was developed in which a beam of light prevents itself from escaping. This…

Montage - Earth from space, Marathon logo

Austria's three technical universities are also strongly represented at this year's Forum Alpbach - with the Innovation Marathon and a Content Session…

[Translate to English:] Portrait von Alessandro Toschi, im Hintergrund eine Tafel.

A method developed at TU Wien has now allowed to identify which mechanism holds the electron pairs together in unconventional superconductors.

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